Happiness to me has always felt like a fleeting idea; something I could only fantasize about or see in the movies. Since my childhood was filled with constant hardship, I naturally grew up wondering how or why I was faced with such difficulties compared to the kids around me. 

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    These questions burned within me for such a long time that it took years of battling with the world and everything going on from within me to realize the bigger picture of it all. Through such conflicts, I realized from a very dark place inside of me that love was always the missing piece.

   I may not know you personally, but I do know that you want happiness and if you're like me, you refuse to believe that a life of hardship is all this world has to offer you. After all, if life was nothing but pain and cruelty, it would sound more like a prison and what would the purpose of life be if that were the case? 

    Well, thankfully, life isn't a prison, and over the years I've come to see life as a game of chess. When you play chess, the objective is to complete the game through a series of strategic strategies, by capturing your opponents pieces so that you'll eventually take over the king and queen and win. 

    The thing is, with chess there are at least thousands of different moves one can use so your ways of winning are numerous; just like life itself. Depending on your desires, actions, and responses to the world around you, your life will give you the many different outcomes. It's important to remember that the next time you feel stuck - you are in control and you do have options.

    To play chess you have to maintain your composure to think clearly if you want to win - just as you would in life if you were to be faced with challenges that you want to overcome. The best way to get through anything I've learned, is through love. It is the foundation to everything.

    Loving myself helped comfort me when I was in foster care and I felt alone and abandoned. Loving myself helped me leave toxic relationships and pushed me to believe in myself when no one around me did. When my mom passed away unexpectedly, loving myself helped me take baby steps towards healing so I could live again. 

    The lack of love has been the root to all of the pain in my life and I guarantee that if you were to look deep within your own life, you would find a missing piece that needs a bit of love and attention too. 

     When your thoughts, emotions, and actions are all in sync and funded with love, naturally your life will become brighter and clearer. You can't control what life gives you, but you can control how you respond and since life is like a game of chess (not a box of chocolates!) - you have thousands of different ways to succeed. 

    If you wanted to pursue a dream that you have had on your mind for a while now, you can make it happen if you feed your dream with love - everything else will come naturally and on it's own. If you find yourself stuck and in a rut, giving yourself love will help you get through the hardship and make you stronger. 

    This is why I firmly believe that the world is made up of love - the very thing that we as a universe struggle to get on the same page about. When you look at the world as a whole, you will see communities torn apart by division or you will see countries fighting one another due to not having compassion for themselves or the people. 

    When a child is born, they're born into this world completely dependent on their parents for everything, including love. But a love from a child's parents cannot be replaced which is why a child's upbringing and happiness can be determined by the amount of love and support it receives from it's parents. Love, as we see, is shown to be the foundation to everything - the answer to happiness. 

    When you take the time to focus on any goal you have or to improve your life, you do so because you love yourself enough to give back to yourself. When I struggled with losing weight, and I have majority of my life, it was because I didn't love myself enough to focus on eating better and exercising my body. I didn't love myself and it reflected physically in my life. 

    Just as a child depends on it's parent's for love and care because it is small and vulnerable, as we grow older and become more involved in life, the inner child in us all depends on us for the same care our parents gave to us. In every aspect of our lives we have to give back to the child within us so that we thrive and see what we are truly capable of. 

    We as human beings are curious by nature and when you get rid of the complexities and negativity of it all, it truly boils down to us and how much love we give to our own self-development. It's only then that we will see how beautiful life really is. 

Until next time! xoxo - Sarah


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