To everyone who knows me, I love, love, love taking care of my hair. I keep my hair long because I feel my best that way. For the longest time, I rarely dyed my hair and trimmed it pretty regularly so it was healthy. Every week I'd spend an hour blow drying my hair on the lowest setting so that it was silky throughout the entire week. Two years ago though, I went blonde for the first time ever and it did a ton of damage to my hair. Now that my hair is growing out and I'm giving it extreme TLC, what matters most to me now is my water source. 

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    Around the time of going blonde, Dimitar came to me and asked me why we didn't have a filter for our showerhead. After all, we use a filter for our drinking water, it only made sense to have a filter for our shower head. So, we bought an Aquabliss Shower Filter and the results left both my hair and skin feeling completely renewed. My hair felt smoother, it blow dried much faster, and my skin appeared less irritated. 

    Now that we've moved though, we've completely forgotten about getting a new filter and it couldn't have come at a better time. The water in our apartment reeks of chlorine (commonly used as an disinfectant) and we also have hard water on top of that - as a result, my hair is left dull looking and my skin has become more sensitive. For those who don't know what hard water is, hard water is found in most households and has an abundance of minerals in it to make water safe to drink. Even though hard water is not harmful to our bodies, I honestly would prefer to live without it; plus, I'm not a fan of fluoride

Aquabliss Shower Filter: infused with beneficial properties


    The Aquabliss Shower filter comes with a range of beneficial properties worth having. It's filter is divided into parts that serve a specific role to help aide in giving you a cleaner showering experience without the harsh chemicals. The filter has infused Vitamin C which is great for combating aging and uneven skin tone, Zeolite which is a volcanic mineral used for detoxing the body of heavy metal exposures, Tourmaline stones that have unique healing properties, and other beneficial minerals. 


Aquabliss Shower Filter restores your hair, skin & nails

    This filter packs a punch against unwanted hard chemicals and it has made it so much easier for me to take care of my hair, skin, and nails without the unwanted side effects. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best, and since our skin is the largest organ we have; we should go the extra mile to keep it looking it's best. 

Unboxing the Aquabliss filter

    Setting up the Aquabliss Shower Filter is extremely easy. Inside the box you'll find; the showerhead filter, plumbers tape, two screen washers, an adapter head, 2 replacement bands for the filter itself, and a small pamphlet with instructions inside. You may also need a wrench to unscrew and tighten your preexisting shower head.
Aquabliss Instructions 

   The first step before installing is to run the filter under water; this is a pretty standard step with most filters and is done so that you clean the filter of any loose particles from inside. As mentioned in the instructions, the water may be discolored at first. 

    The second step is to remove your existing shower head. We didn't need a wrench for this part but you may need one depending on how tight your shower head is on. Once your shower head is removed, simply take a clean cloth and wipe around the base of the shower arm so it's clean of debris and water.

       Next, with your plumbers tape, wrap it around the base of the shower arm 2-3 times clockwise. This will help prevent any water from exiting the showerhead. From there you insert one of the screen washers on the base before you screw on the Aquabliss filter. Once the filter is attached, you then insert the second screen washer on the other end of the filter before you screw on the adapter. Last, attach your shower head to the adapter and make sure it's tight enough to prevent any leaks. 

Aquabliss Filter Attached

    And that's it! During most of my shower routines, my skin is normally wrinkly within a short amount of time due to the excess amount of chlorine in the water, but now that I have a filter on, I don't have this issue. Plus, I can hardly smell the chlorine! 
    The Aquabliss filter will last anywhere from 3-6 months depending on how hard your water is and how much chlorine is present in your water. So if you have any doubts, it's worth buying a kit to help you measure the hardness of your water and chlorine levels.
    All in all though, it's worth investing in filters such as the Aqualbliss Shower Filter because who wants to be exposed to harsh chemicals? I know I don't. 
Until next time! xoxo - Sarah 


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