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    Look. I know you're looking up at the above photo and thinking to yourself, "Now that is a one chubby frog," and I honestly couldn't agree more - which is why these frogs have become my new obsession! I seriously cannot get enough of them. Dimitar is constantly giving me looks because all I send him on Instagram are photos of these chubby frogs - he definitely knows what's coming. 

    Just for the record, I have never ever been into frogs because I never was drawn to them. Just recently though I stumbled across a post on Instagram of one of these chubby frogs and at first I thought they were cute. Well, you know how Instagram works (you like one post, they send you a bazillion more) and next thing I knew, I had become obsessed. 

    If you're wondering what these adorable frogs are called - like I had - they're called Common Rain Frogs; specifically, Breviceps, or short-headed frogs. I'm truly convinced that if everyone in the world were to own one of these little guys, it would bring world peace! I mean, just look at them!


    Common Rain Frogs are mostly found in Southern Africa where the climate is known for being hot and dry. They live most of their life underground, only to come up to the surface for food, water and to find a mate. They're a thriving species too which brings me joy and relief; if it were otherwise, I think it'd lose hope in mankind (jk, I could never allow myself get to such a low point).

    These frogs are quite extraordinary though and aren't like most frogs. Most frogs are known for hopping from one place to another, but not these frogs. These frogs were gifted to have short legs (like me) forcing them to strut around instead. To make matters even funnier, is their round bodies that help them disguise themselves to look like rocks when on the surface. But don't be fooled - they may be round and have short legs, but they're fast! Also, these frogs are born not as tadpoles like most frogs are, but as already formed frogs; it's truly fascinating

    I've come to honestly love everything about these frogs because they're nothing like a frog. I have nothing against frogs, but the whole hopping aspect doesn't appeal to me. These chunky little guys though have completely won my heart over - they still eat bugs but I can handle it if it means getting to be near these little guys. Dimitar is scared to the thought of me getting one because he knows if I had my way, I'd have a room in our home dedicated specifically for my pets - no joke!

Chunky Rain Frogs

    My days are a lot better when I can start it off with a dose of Rain Frogs. Watching them rub their eyes clean or message their plump belly's, or climb over other Rain Frogs to eat is so comical; it really makes me see frogs in a whole new manner. And don't get me started on their yawning! I have never seen a frog yawn and it's literally cuteness overload for me - so much that I have a background saved on my phone of a Rain Frog yawning. Seeing that first thing in the morning really makes me smile.

    I love Rain Frogs so much even that I have gone out of my way to draw them. Normally, if I am really drawn to something, I like to draw it - pardon the pun! Drawing is my way of closing the deal, or finalizing my admiration for these plump little frogs and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Could they be my spirit animal, you may ask? It's quite possible. 

    Since little is really known on how to care for these babies if you do own them as pets, I have done a great deal of research on how to properly care for one. I managed to come across a YouTube channel called Frog Pamper Moony Plus and it's a Japanese channel dedicated to caring for frogs - mostly Rain Frogs. Even though I don't understand the language, I have learned so much already from this channel which has reassured me that I can one day get one - for now I can only admire them from a distance and continue learning more about them. 

Until next time! xoxo - Sarah 


  1. Please tell me where I can find one of these frogs.. my son has been asking for one since Christmas, I promised him that I would try and try to get him one as hard as I could....my number is 727-741-7742 thank you in advance.
    Best regards
    Kristopher Keith

    1. Hi there! I was actually curious about where to buy these frogs myself and it seems some sellers in certain states do sell them. I'm not sure about the buying process but I always recommend researching the frogs care and level of commitment required before buying, especially if it's for a child. Here's a website that specializes in selling these cute frogs if you're still interested: https://www.backwaterreptiles.com/frogs/rain-frog-for-sale.html.

      Thanks for reading!


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