This post would have been called, Follow Your Intuition,  but I realized shortly afterwards that intuition is not a very easy concept for us to understand or put to use. So, I changed the title to make it more relatable. A big part of my life revolves around following my passions and doing what feels right. It has taken me on quite a roller coaster ride, but I'm so happy for everything it has given me and taught me. I want to share a little bit of that happiness with you today and how you can do the same.
    Have you ever been faced with a challenge that left you stuck between two decisions? Should you eat another piece of cake when you know one is enough? Do you pursue your hobbies or stay at your dead end job? Is it a good idea to binge watch The Office, or use your spare time working on your goals instead? We all have had plenty of these conflicts that pull us in different directions. My point of todays post is to help you be more impulsive so that your passions get the attention they deserve; not a cold shoulder.
    Before I started making videos on YouTube, I was on autopilot. After living on my own for almost a year in Baltimore city, I moved in with my partner and his parents. It was a change I wasn't prepared for and it hit me hard. Compared to the city life of Baltimore and having my own privacy, I was now living in the quiet suburbs. At the same time, I was also struggling to find a job. Once I did find a job, I became a workaholic; working 12 hours a day as an Animal bather and Veterinary Assistant. 

    Eventually this caught up to me and after ten months, I became burnt out and took time off. I had a decent amount of money saved up so paying rent wasn't an issue. When I told my partner of my decision - he was confused on why I'd leave a well-paying job and not very understanding. His parents didn't mind though, just as long as I'd still be able to help with rent. So, for the next eight months, I focused on my self-development; I read books, watched documentaries, developed a schedule for making art videos on YouTube, and even started a self-help blog.
    From there, it was a rinse and repeat cycle. Many things have changed since those seven years ago, but my love for YouTube has grown, and so has my skills as an Artist. What started out as just a curiosity became a routine. A routine that made me happier than any job. That is when I discovered my passion. For you, your journey to discovering your passions may be different, but the moment you realize what you really want in life, is when your passions become obvious.

    I've had this discussion with Dimitar before, but I firmly believe that every single one of has a sleeping passion inside of us. One way we discover what makes us excited is by looking back on what we did as children. For example, I loved drawing, singing, reading, and spending time playing with my pets. To this day, I fill my time making art videos, vlogs, and taking care of animals; I would love to make more time for singing though!

    So, here is the big question. What is one memory you have from your childhood that sheds light on your interests? Do you give yourself plenty of time to do the very things you once enjoyed doing? Or, are you doing everything else but your passions and interests? If you really don't know what you enjoy doing, the best place to start is by making a small list of things that interest you. They can be hobbies, or just random things like rainbows. What ever you end up putting on your list, find creative ways on how you can make a hobby out of it. You can even ask your parents or siblings if they remember anything significant about your childhood that you often did which will greatly help you on your path towards following your passions. 

    The most important part about bringing your passions to life is to always make sure you are having fun yet being consistent. Make a schedule around your hobbies, no matter how filled up your schedule may be. The more we give back to the side of us that wants to create, is how we experience true joy and freedom. Allowing our passions to grow by simply giving them more of our time will give us so many rewards in the end; it just takes a bit of patience and of course, passion. 
    There are plenty of us in todays world who are not living a life led by our passions, but our obligations. Some people work at companies that go against their values because the pay is good. Some people work 24/7 because they believe that's what their time is worth. Then there are some who spend their money on materialistic things, and wonder why their happiness is fleeting. A life outside of our passions is not really a life at all, but a prison. The crazy thing about it all though is that it just takes us digging deeper within ourselves to realize how much more exciting our life can be if we just invested more into us. 

    I once had a conversation with a coworker who enjoyed creating delicate glass mosaics. After she separated from her husband though, she found herself in a small apartment that made it hard to attend to her craft. When I asked her if her craft made her happy, she said it did, but she found it hard to be inspired with her new life. I will never forget this conversation because it not only saddened me to see a great person put their passions on hold, but it also encouraged me to inspire more people. After all, our passions are a lot like plants; we have to keep watering them and giving them the right amount of sunlight for them to thrive and grow. At some point in time, our passions will give back to us too.

 So please. To yourself, your future self, and the generation after you, take the time to invest in your passions. It will be the start of a wonderful life that has your best interest in mind.

Until next time! xoxo - Sarah


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