The first time I heard about the Law of Attraction was when I was in Middle School and it was the day before Thanksgiving break. My Social Studies teacher put a movie on for everyone to watch, but we were all too busy talking to each other about our holiday plans. I hardly tuned into it myself and only remembered bits of it.

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    Years later, I met Dimitar and he wanted to show me a movie that he said inspired him. As the movie played that night, I realized I had seen the movie before; It was called, The Secret. The Secret changed my life, and yes, in a dramatic way. It's concepts made me aware of my thoughts, both good and bad, and it helped me take control of my life. The movie itself inspired me to focus on my own self-development, something I had seriously lacked.

    If you haven't watched The Secret yet, watch it today! It's a movie you really don't want to miss. It's a chance you don't want to skip out on. It's the answer you may very well need to set you free from all of your worries and obstacles. It's the start of a beautiful journey. 

The Secret

    The Secret covers the Law of Attraction, simplified for beginners. It states that we are energetic beings, surrounded by energy that can be found in everything - so we must utilize our own inner energy to create a world that we enjoy being part of. Plain and simple; like attracts like and negative attracts negative. That's it. 

    As the movie explains, the more we think negatively about something or someone, it backfires onto us and we get more or the same thing that we dislike. However, if we were to live our lives appreciating everything and everyone, and focusing on our deepest desires, greatness will only come our way. The best way to describe human beings is that we are magnets; attracting either good to us or bad, depending on our thoughts and feelings. 

    I was inspired by The Secret immediately. Growing up surrounded by hardship myself, there were times where I refused to be a victim of my own past and it was because of my own perseverance that made me rise above my challenges. It was my way of thinking that helped me see past all of the trauma I had endured growing up, and it helped me take charge of my own strength. 

    To practice the Law of Attraction, I made a cautious effort to be more mindful about my thoughts, feelings, and actions. I was normally optimistic in general, but there were times where the three would get to me. The more I practiced though, the more I started to see the world before me as a product of my own imagination. It sounds silly, yes, but what if we lived our lives more like we were the writers? What if we lived our lives like we were the ones writing the script and we could change it at anytime? That's how I started to feel when I began to practice the LOA.

    This new way of being made me feel like I was in control of my life and it was amazing. I carried myself differently, I was able to achieve more of my goals, I learned to let go of negativity, and my relationship with money even improved. Yes, it did take some time to see the hard work pay off, at least a year, but the dedication was worth it. 

   So you may be asking yourself, how does the Law of Attraction help me in my daily life? Well, if you're looking for a job, the LOA helps you stay positive and brings you more opportunities because you believe they will come. If your health is low, the LOA helps increase your immune system since stress is the number one cause of our immune system failing us. If your romantic relationships have all but failed, the LOA helps you appreciate yourself more because in return you know you can only get love back if you're also giving it to yourself first. The Law of Attraction isn't just a saying about magnets; it really is a lifestyle.

    After you have watched The Secret - there is also a book too if you enjoy reading - take time out of your day to identify your deepest desires and write them on one side of a blank piece of paper. Afterwards, divide the paper in half and write down your concerns on the opposite side of the paper. You may find that you have many concerns and little desires. You may find that you have equal amounts of both. Or, you may see that you have many desires, and little concerns. The point of this exercise is to realize your current mental state so that you can eventually let go of your concerns and focus on your desires.

    Once you have identified your desires, you can now focus on how you can achieve them. Some people think that just by thinking alone your desires will manifest, but this is far from true. Our thoughts and our feelings are equally one with our actions. For example, if you're looking for a job and you're optimistic you'll find one, searching and applying for jobs daily will make it easier for you to get positive results. If you don't however, how will any employers find you? You see, you have to put action into the LOA to complete it's cycle. Just like the LOA gives back to us, we have to give back to it as well.

    So, if you have some time to spare today and you watch The Secret, or you can read the book, do commit yourself to it. It really is a life changing experience that I know you will be grateful for.

Until next time! xoxo - Sarah


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