We all have bad days where we feel off and nothing is going right, but have you ever felt like there was just a cloud hanging over your head all the time and no matter how often you tried to move, it would only follow you? Yeah, I know that feeling too well. The hardest part is knowing that you may even try your hardest to stay optimistic above it all, but nothing seems to give you a break or a breather. It's just blow after blow.

    If someone were to ask me right now, "Hey, what's the theme of your life?" I'd most definitely would say - letting go. Most challenges in my life were either too painful to give energy to, or I just felt a space in me surrender automatically to an unknown force because a part of me knew I needed to. I can say whole heartedly that it has felt like my whole life has been in a constant motion of tests and I'm not going to lie...it's so exhausting, but this is the Universe's sneaky way of testing you because you're so close to a break through.

    I wasn't sure if I wanted to write todays post but I think it's an important one and one I think many will be able to relate to. Whether you have a few bad days here and there, or your life is like mine and there is just a theme of constant challenges, I have found that changing the way we look at these challenges can really help us grow. Here are some ways the Universe may test you and how you can adjust so that you get the most benefits from them. 


    The first sign that the Universe is testing you is when you're suddenly faced with many changes all at once. Looking back on the past, you may notice that there are patterns of struggles that stick out to you the most that change your original plans. When you think about all of the struggles you have gone through, try to remember how helpless you had felt then. How in that moment, you thought the pain or struggle was going to last forever, but yet here you are today.

    When sudden changes appear in your life out of nowhere they can really throw you off. Whether you lose your job, get an unexpected injury, or you find yourself suddenly in debt, are all common ways the Universe tests us. In the heat of the moment, it's hard to see the good of these sudden changes because they will most likely inconvenience us in some way, but they're given to us for a reason.

    Humans grow through challenges and the Universe only gives you what it believes you are capable of handling. Let that soak in for a bit. When we're challenged enough, it tests our beliefs, goals, faith in ourselves or those around us, and it pushes us out of our comfort zone. When your plans are suddenly thrown off, it forces you to adjust to change and helps you learn the importance of staying open minded because the Universe has something even better to offer you.


    Emotions are connected to our intuition and our nervous system but many of us lose ourselves too easily to our emotions and let them control us. When the Universe wants you to take a step back and rethink a situation or change your desired path, it will often throw heavy emotions onto you so that you reflect more deeply. Do you really want what you want? Will it really make you happy? Are you happy right now? Can you do better? Are these beliefs serving you well or against you?

    Feeling off or lost is all part of the Universe trying to get your attention. You see, when you're in the comfort zone of doing the day to day grind and everything is going well, it's easy to overlook the shadows within us that need healing. To get your attention, the Universe will bring to light issues or desires that need to be dealt with so that you can finally align with your highest self. It will be uncomfortable and possibly even lonely, but it is the path of true self discovery. 

    These deep and often painful feelings tend to be the ones that shake us up the most. They test our strength to be mentally, spiritually, and even physically there for ourselves during even the toughest moments of our life and they will persist the longer we avoid them. If you have been struggling to be there for yourself, the Universe wants you to take a step back so you can hear the voice within you.


     Have you been working on a goal for so long and invested so much time into it but you still haven't seen any return? Do you feel conflicted to either keep moving forward with your goals or to give up altogether on them? Often when you're close to making a big change in your life, the Universe will lead you to question how badly you really want your desires and if they're worth going after. When you look towards well known public figures who experienced hardship like J.K Rowling before she made it big with her Harry Potter books, she was rejected 12 times before finally hitting the jack pot - all because she believed in what she had to offer.

    For anyone with ambitious dreams or goals, we would all love for them to manifest before us with a snap of a finger but unfortunately, it takes more time than that. Our goals need our patience, love and respect, which often comes to us as another test from the Universe. If we stand by our goals even when they seem small and unobtainable, or when others around us don't believe in them, it gives us fulfillment that will one day give back to us tenfold.

    The Universe aims to show us the importance of being patient with the creator within us. During this time you will either discover that your dreams are either worth the risk or that you need to move onto something better. Either way, great things take time to achieve so learning to enjoy the journey rather than the destination itself - as cliché as it sounds - is vital to your success. 


    Relationships are the missing piece to us that either fits or needs to be replaced. When the Universe recognizes that your relationships are not serving you well, it will challenge them through either arguments, tension, distance, or even ending them altogether. Some relationships - whether intimate or not - thrive through such challenges, but most do not. When the Universe wants you to realize your true potential to only see that certain relationships in your life are holding you back, it will force you to let them go. 

    Any relationship ending can be hard to adjust to, but we should trust that it's to helps us find ourselves and to make room for better relationships. They will not only sync better with your developing energy, but you will also be much happier. You may even just find that after some time goes by that those old relationships were in fact not healthy for you at all, but it took clarity to realize this.

    As we grow, so do our deepest desires and beliefs and with that comes the growth of new relationships. Many of us hold onto old relationships that no longer empower us but we keep them close out of guilt or excuses we tell ourselves. By accepting that you deserve better relationships in your life and that they are a reflection of you, is telling the Universe and yourself that you deserve better and are willing to do whatever it takes to get better.


    Change can often be so difficult and traumatizing that often at times we have no choice but to let go. Let go of your attachments to either people, places, or things, even memories or habits that no longer make you happy. Letting go can release us from old baggage and remind you that you cannot control everything and cannot hold onto everything. Nothing is permanent in this life. When changes are so abrupt and make you feel unstable, trusting that letting go will bring you more peace in the end can be a liberating experience. 

    When the force of change is so strong that you feel crippled by it, the Universe wants you to trust that you are being looked after and that you have to go with the flow - no matter where it takes you. The Universe is guiding you and all you have to do is trust. By being put into situations that leave you unsure of what's on the other side, you will develop a level of faith that is necessary to become wiser and stronger. 

    Life may throw you a curve ball and you lose your job but instead of dwelling on it, you let it go and move on to the next best thing. This is called going with the flow; to just be and let be. Moments like these remind us that life cannot be fully planned and encourages us to be more in the moment with ourselves. When the Universe want's to speed up your progress so much to the point that you feel like you're falling behind, trust that you're going in the right direction and all will work out in your favor. 


    If people around you have become overly critical or question your reasons or goals, the Universe is trying to help you better understand what your beliefs and desires are, through others. As difficult and even disappointing as it may be to be on the receiving end of criticism or judgement, it's often the road block that must be turned into another road for us to keep moving forward. Judgement of any kind from people around you shows that whatever passion or desire you're aiming for is significant enough. Just like a video game, the closer you get to beating the final boss, it gets harder and harder until you finally win. 

    Unless your actions truly justify such judgement, use these responses from those around you as a stepping stone; a compass that will show you what you need to work on to better yourself. If life was designed to be easy, life would be dull and fruitless, and our purpose here on earth would be very questionable. If others become overly critical of you or your goals, take this as reassurance to keep looking ahead and focusing on you. Often at times, the Universe will also give you distractions in many forms - even through people that simple pass us by - so it's worth being able to shift your energy so that you stay grounded. 


    The next time you feel like the Universe is testing you, take a moment or two to reflect on everything you're feeling or manifesting into your life. If you can, even meditate and go for a long walk so that the answers come to you much easier. The tough times will pass as they always have for you, you just have to trust and keep pushing forward. As overwhelming these tests or challenges may be, it's always for our highest good and they're a great sign that you are making progress in your soul's life journey. Strength can be found within all of us but it can only truly shine when it is challenged. 

Until next time! xoxo - Sarah


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