Summer is here and do you know what that means? It's vacay time! A time where you can overload on Vitamin D, forget the world for a bit, get super tanned, and relax with no shame. For me, it's also a time to celebrate my birthday which just so happens to be in August. Since I have been feeling burnt out these past few years from practically everything, Dimitar and I have decided that we'd plan a trip to Florida to enjoy ourselves. 

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    If you're like me, the whole trip planning process is so exciting. I love everything from searching for the best flights, finding out the latest attractions to visit, and putting together a trip planner so that it all comes together into one big memorable experience. After all, to me life is all about experiences - not material things - so we should go out of our way to make life enjoyable. 

    You may be asking, why Florida? Well...why not? For starters, my boyfriend and I passed through Florida a few years ago when we went on our trip to the Bahamas, but we didn't really have a chance to see much of Florida itself. After the little that we did see though, it made us both want to make an official visit, which brings us to today because we are officially going to Florida!

Florida Bayfront

    At first, we were only going to spend 3 days in Miami. After sitting with that thought though for awhile, we decided to make it 5 days instead. Dimitar is actually going to Bulgaria the week before our trip to Florida and he'll come back the day before we take off which will give us time to pack. It'll be a bit crazy getting everything organized, but we'll make it work out. 

    My rule of thumb for finding the best deals on flights is to look at least 3 to 6 months in advance. I also try to find the most affordable tickets that have the least amount of layover time; CheapOAir, Kayak, and Google Flights tend to have great deals. Before any trip, I always make sure to track flight prices too in case the prices go down and I can get an even better deal - I love it when that happens! 

    Fortunately, since I live on the East Coast, traveling to Florida around this time of year comes at a decent price; about $130 for a round-trip. I'm sure it could have been a lot cheaper if I had booked even sooner, but I was rather happy with this price. JetBlue, our Airline, is actually one of the few Airlines now that has a low checked bag fee, while even fewer have the first one being free. *sigh* I can still remember the days where the 1st checked bag used to be free...


Bayfront Park 

        We'll be leaving for Miami Florida on the 21st of August and we'll land in Fort Lauderdale after a 2.5 hour flight - there weren't any tickets to the Miami Airport, so we had to go with the next best thing. I don't mind either way though since there is a train near the airport that goes all the way to Miami for only a few dollars. Plus, it'll be a great opportunity for Dimitar and I to see more of Florida since we don't plan on driving much.

    I did have a hard time trying to choose between Airbnb's though. Some were beautiful but weren't ideally located. Some had great amenities but were over our budget. I finally decided to go with a hotel that was literally in the middle of everything which would make shopping and moving around so much easier. The great thing about Miami is that there are a ton of bike rental ports around the city so we can get around easily without having to spend too much money on Ubers.

    I also have a few attractions in mind that I am excited to see as well - and yes, this trip will be vlogged for my YouTube channel! I went ahead and organized all of the attractions according to their distance, that way we can choose which one to go to first depending on how close it is to our hotel. I've also planned out each day which will help us make the most out of our trip. It sounds hectic, but the beach is literally my top priority!

Our booked hotel

   I don't want to reveal too much about the trip since I will be vlogging, but so far this is what we have planned right now - It's so exciting! The guinea pigs will have their entire cage setup with extra food and water but we do have a neighbor on stand by to check on them every other day.

    All in all, if you're looking to travel during the summer time, now is the time to do it! Take advantage of every day you are gifted with, live your best life with more experiences, and spread love and positivity where ever you go. 

Until next time!  xoxo - Sarah


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