If you've been following this blog since it first started last year, you have had the chance to get to know a bit about me and my life growing up. My childhood was chaotic and I experienced a great deal of stress; stress that no child should have to go through. As I've had the chance to grow up, heal, and mature, I've learned how to make a place of my own in a chaotic world. If you're just like me looking for your place, I want to reassure you that there is one.

    I wish I could say that finding your place in a world full of constant upheaval is easy, but the truth is that you should prepare yourself for a lot of resistance - a lot. In life, there are so many distractions that just when you think you're on the right path, at some point you realize you're going the wrong way. Either you're working a job you said you'd never work at, your mental or physical health take a turn, or you completely push aside your goals to meet the needs of others. This has happened to be and I'm sure it has happened to you as well.  

    Even with all of these twist and turns though, you can still turn your life around and make it more personalize; more finely tuned to meet your needs when it feels like the world keeps pushing you around. How you may ask? By dedicating yourself to yourself so you can discover your goals and passions. It's as simple as that, but requires thinking outside of the box. So in todays post, I want to help you sift through all the chaos so that you can have a life that fits your needs and helps you get closer to yourself. 


    As a child, I remember seeing my dad watch the news and he'd get all fired up. Because of his reactions, I associated the news with being bad and never cared for it when I became older. To this day I still avoid the news. Since I am a firm believer of The Law of Attraction, I know how important it is to be mindful of where my attention goes and the energy that goes with it. 

    It takes only an hour or two of watching the news to realize how low energy the information on the news is. If you watch it long enough, you'll see how your mood is then effected. The information is often so depressing that it can lead anyone into thinking that the world is a cruel place which will make anyone feel hopeless and uninspired. Do yourself a favor and give up watching the news and see how much more time you have to focus on yourself and you're mental well-being. 


    Watching the news isn't the only distraction worth letting go of. There are other distractions out there and one may just be near you at this very moment; your phone. With technology being so advance now, we now have portable little computers that we can take with us wherever we go which offers convenience at it's finest. At it's worst though, it can suck up your time if you aren't careful. 

    Social media is great because it allows us to connect with others around the world. Unfortunately, majority of us who use social media do not have a healthy relationship with it and become either obsessed with it or allow it to consume our free time. The next time you have time for yourself, turn your phone off so you can focus better on your goals. There are many kinds of distractions that prevent us from working at our best - and you must be honest enough to define them - so adjust according to your own routine. 


    Once the distractions are out the window and you've "mastered" the art of discipline, it's time to find your passions. As I written in my post about following your passions, finding your passions may require work and digging into your own self, but it will be the best reward that you will ever get out of life. You see, you're not just finding your passions or a hobby that allows you to express yourself and makes you happy. No. You're connecting to yourself and building a place for you in this world. 

    The moment you discover what you enjoy doing the most in your free time, nothing else in the world matters - not even the pesky distractions! Why? A satisfied heart stops looking outside of itself when it reunites with it's missing half; your passions. So whether it takes you a few days, months, or even years - finding and sticking to your passions will help you build a world that you can call your own. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty awesome. 

"A satisfied heart stops looking outside of itself when it reunites with it's missing half; your passions." - Sarah Lucas


    After you discover what fuels your heart, time stops and you realize how much more interesting life has becomes. But, the work doesn't stop there; in fact, it's just beginning. The more time you invest in your passions, the more it will grow obviously, but I've seen it happen many times where people stop along the way because they only see their passions as a hobby. Why not make it a career or a business even?

    Growing our passions is bound to reward us at some point so it's important to keep at it. Along the way you'll discover new ideas and opportunities that may just be life changing for you. By focusing on your craft and then growing it until it rewards you in return, is exactly what life is about. You can't get these kind of rewards by living a life in other's shadow or by watching TV or by obsessing over social media. You just cant. 


    With a growing passion and a new love for life, I highly recommend connecting with others who enjoy the same passions as you do. Whether it's in your community or hosting local events around your passions, or online even, connecting with people is a great way to remind you of why you love what you do.

    This method is far better than social media as it puts you out into the world and reminds you of what life really has to offer you if you only invest in yourself. Yes, social media is great for marketing and if you can use it solely for that purpose - great - because that's exactly what I do. 

    It's through this intimate connection with people that solidifies your place in this world and your passions is simply the cherry on top.  So for as long as you're committed your passions, you will forever have an inner peace that follows you wherever you go and no global chaos can take that away. 


    Last but not least, one passion alone shouldn't take up all of your focus. Explore what the world has to offer you and definitely explore your talents. A curious person who is willing to try it all just for the sake of trying is one who is interested in learning more about themselves. I myself have many interests and passions. I love art but I also love vlogging and blogging. Someday I hope to even take singing lessons and learn an instrument or two.

    When you follow where your curiosity takes you, you're basically being a kid again who isn't afraid of falling after climbing a tree. You know that saying about how curiosity killed the cat - throw that out the window. Human beings have thrived off of adventure and being curious has lead to many great inventions today. So stay curious, keep learning, and remember...keep those distractions at bay!

Until next time! xoxo - Sarah


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