Now that I've lived in my "new" apartment for almost a year now, I figured it was time to do a small apartment tour. It's a major upgrade compared to our previous apartment (ugh, how triggering it is to think about it), but so far we have really enjoyed living here. In case you're wondering why I have the Christmas tree up, it's because we love to keep it up all year round; we see it as a big plant that just makes our space feel much more cozier. 

    Our apartment is on the top floor and while it doesn't have as many windows as I'd like it to, the tall ceiling sure makes up for it. We have a 2br/2ba space that includes a small loft that is currently my office. While the lighting can be so wishy-washy from time to time due to the facing of the apartment itself,  in so many ways does this apartment exceed our previous one; the only major downside being the amount of carpet, lack of natural lighting, and...the price.

    For about $2,500 a month, we considered living here for awhile but the high cost of rent has pushed us to reconsider. As nice as the apartment is, Dimitar and I know we could get a better deal somewhere else like in either Texas or Florida. Does this mean we'll move there sometime soon? It's pretty likely! I used to live in Texas and Dimitar and I both had a blast when we went to Florida. Since Northern Virginia homes right now are way too expensive to buy a home, relocating seems fair. Just a few years ago, homes in this area were $300k but now they're pushing $700k! 

    Anyways though, back to the tour. The kitchen overlooks the Livingroom and it's much bigger than our previous one. Inside the pantry is also where the washer/dryer is with even some more space for a shelf; something we didn't have before and greatly appreciate! Even though we have a dishwasher, we honestly don't use it since I'm so used to washing dishes by hand; one day I'll use it though. 

    The appliances are outdated and since we are renting, we aren't able to replace them for newer ones; one of the cons of renting. The fridge is also much smaller inside than what we are used to having so every time we go grocery shopping, it's a fun game trying to see how much of what we buy can actually fit inside.



    The Livingroom also comes with an attached balcony and a fireplace that is really pretty to look at; I say look at because we haven't used it yet and as it turns out - it doesn't work. While the Livingroom is cozy, there are a few aspects of it that I wish were different; no carpet and more natural light! My two biggest ughs that I wish I could change. 


    Above the Livingroom is my office which is in the loft. It's pretty hard to find an apartment in this area that has a loft so I was shocked to finally find one. It doesn't have a door but it's the perfect size for an office. I've never had my own office before since Dimitar and I always shared one together, so the loft was a huge upgrade for me. 

    The guinea pig's cage fit perfectly along one of the walls and I still haven't decided where I want my desk to face; I often rearrange my office layout until I'm satisfied. It's still in the process of getting decorated too but it'll get there eventually. 

    That's pretty much the entire apartment, apart from my bedroom and Dimitar's office. It's a nice upgrade compared to our other apartment and we'll enjoy it for as long as we can until our moving plans are more concrete. 

Until next time! - Sarah xoxo


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