Finally, after many weeks, we finally went to Florida. I'm back now obviously, but I really wanted to share some of my experience here on the blog. I love traveling; if I could do it for a living, I would be the happiest gal in the whole world. Seriously. 

    On August 21, we left early in the morning; about 5am. Our flight took off at 8am, but we wanted to give ourselves extra time since we had plans to take the train to the airport. Well, it was a good thing that we left early because when we got to the metro station, it was closed! They didn't open up until 7am and I just made the assumption that the metro station was open 24/7.

    The morning was stressful for so many reasons because it just seemed like nothing was working out; our ubers were getting lost, having to throw away travel essentials at the TSA check point, and long commutes to Miami. Both Dimitar and I were stressed out, hungry, and tired, but fortunately we made it to Miami safely and on time. We were staying at the President Hotel located right in the heart of South Beach Miami which was surrounded by all the local attractions and restaurants.
Our hotel room at The President Hotel

    The hotel managed to upgrade our room to a room with a bigger bathroom which was so accommodating; especially for Dimitar! After we settled in, our plans were to first get the essentials we had to throw away at the airport, get something to eat, and then visit the beach. Since Walgreens was practically on every block, we bought our essentials there but had a hard time finding any healthy snacks!

    We then ate lunch which really helped us relax a bit; we had been moving nonstop for over 10 hours so it was nice to finally embrace our vacation. Once lunch was over, we walked around and managed to find the access to the beach. Both Dimitar and I were wearing our bathing suites on under our clothes because we had anticipated waiting to check in - which we were happy that we didn't!

    Since South Miami beach is a bustling area, there were tons of people out enjoying themselves either at the park, walking around, at the beach, or riding their bikes/scooters. It was refreshing to see people having fun again and happy. I learned very quickly that Florida was diverse and perfect for everyone. The heat however, was insane!

South Miami Beach

    On day 2, we woke up early for breakfast because we set out to find the citibikes or scooters so we could move around Miami a bit better. Unfortunately though, we were informed by a scooter associate that South Beach had gotten ride of the e-scooters because they were getting left everywhere. This sucked because as nice as the citibikes were, the bikes were too big for me (or I was too small for them!). 

    Day 2 was also my birthday and I just wanted to relax at the beach. I managed to get a heat rash on my shoulders and butt - no shocker there - so for the remainder of the day we chilled out. We did manage to get tickets for a Big Bus/boat tour, but it would be for the next day which meant that we would be spending a ton of time out in the sun! So we had to relax while we were able to. 
    Day 3, we made sure to put on extra sunscreen because if we expected to see everything from the bus, it meant sitting on the top deck where we'd be exposed to the sun. The great thing about the Big Bus Tour is that you can get off anywhere if you want to explore and then hop back on for as long as your tickets were valid. It's a great way to get around the city, but in our case, we were really fried being on the top deck so we got off to get some shade.
Big Bus Tour
    We arrived at the Bayfront park, a touristy area that I really wanted to check out for it's tall skyscrapers and beautiful view of the water. The Bayside market was also right next to the park too so once we got off the bus, we walked through to get an idea of what was around. The first focal point that caught our attention was the Ferris wheel! 
    Since it was super hot outside, we decided to hop onto the Ferris wheel to get away from the heat. The Ferris wheel was very modern inside with great AC and we were even able to see most of the downtown Miami area - it was so mesmerizing! 

Bayfront Park 

    On our final day (I seriously thought we had one more day to spare), we went early for our boat tour and it was a blast! We were able to see an exclusive island off the coast of Miami Beach with mansions owned by famous celebrities like Jackie Chan and Victoria Beckham; a plus being that we weren't even exposed to the sun! Our tour guide was also down to earth and told Dimitar that he looked like Freddy Mercury because of his mustache. 
    The day was cut short though because my heat rash was really acting up so we stayed inside the hotel for a few hours to cool off. We ordered pizza from a local restaurant and watched the movie Adjustment Bureau; such a good movie! Later on, we walked around South Beach Miami for the last time and even went onto the beach where we were able to catch a beautiful sunset. 

    Even though our trip was short, Dimitar and I have already talked about moving to Florida. We have these conversations alot really, but this time we really felt connected to Florida. We loved the lifestyle, the diversity of people, there is so much to do for people of all ages, and everyone was just so nice and welcoming to us. We hope to return someday soon!

Last day at South Miami beach

    If you'd like to watch the entire experience, I have just uploaded a complete Miami vlog for you all to watch - don't forget to subscribe to my channel as well if you haven't already!

Until next time! xoxo - Sarah 


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