Everyday for the past three months, I made it a habit to write daily affirmations in a notebook. It's wasn't a special notebook or anything like that; just a regular notepad where I could dedicate my time towards being positive and focusing on my goals. I realized that in my intense life journey towards fulfillment, there wasn't a place where I could let my imagination roam freely. I have my daily obligations that aren't always exciting or inspiring, yet I didn't give myself a chance to be intentfully happy and wishful. So, I dedicated a notebook just for such thoughts and I was pretty shocked with what happened!

    Some important reminders to keep in mind is that I had one notebook dedicated to my thoughts; the bigger the notebook, the better too, so I highly recommend a jumbo journal if you can get your hands on one. Ideally, it should be a notebook you can take with you anywhere you need to go to make it easier to write daily. Also, I always wrote in present tense to help me focus on what I wanted to manifest; I have a successful business, I have happy & healthy pets, etc. By focusing on what you have (even if at the moment you don't have it) you help improve your vibrations which can in return help you manifest what you really want. 

     For this experiment, I wanted to see if writing daily would help improve my ability to manifest. Lately I have been hit with many obstacles that made me wonder if my vibrations were off. By writing for several months, I would put my own thoughts and vibrations to the test and then share my results afterwards. 


    Writing for the first month involved some trial and error. My first entries were short and all over the place so I wasn't very connected to what I was actually writing. Much of my time was spent figuring out what I wanted to write rather than just letting my thoughts flow naturally. With anything creative, my logical brain kept interfering and I had to learn to shut it off so I could really get the most out of my writing. 
    By the end of the first month, I had an idea of what I wanted to write and just started to dissect those desires. That's when I started to pick certain desires over others because they were the ones I could remember. Before I knew it, I could write several pages without putting too much thought into it. 

    I also made sure to listen to good music or nothing at all. I'm easily inspired by music with no vocals like Chill-hop music so if you're going to listen to music, make sure it's music that really uplifts your mood. I also made sure to write in a distraction free space so I could completely focus my energy on being positive. 


    By the second month, I had an idea of what I wanted to write better than the first. I let my thoughts flow casually and tried not to stick to writing a script since that also didn't feel genuine. To tap more into my subconscious, I wrote a few of my most desired affirmations on a piece of paper that I'd read both in the morning first thing when I woke up and at night time before bed. I heard many people often did this to target their subconscious and that it worked wonders if you stuck with it. 
    While the habit of writing everyday became easier, I kept my expectations low. Some people often dismiss daily affirmations because their goals don't manifest instantly. It's a silly way to approach affirmations altogether but it happens and I knew better than to let myself get to that point. I knew aligning myself with the right frequency took time and as long as I kept up with my daily affirmations, I'd eventually start seeing results. 

    That's when I started to notice small tiny miracles happening; a random deposit into my bank account, a nice job offer came through, spotting a rainbow in the sky, or a wave of inspiration hit me that came during an episode of feeling down in the dumps. These were tiny miracles of course, but I couldn't help but wonder if these manifestations were because of my commitment to doing my daily affirmations. 


    For the third month, I started to notice how much happier I felt. No significant event happened and I didn't win the lottery of course, but my overall mood was just better. The kind of feeling you have when you see a pretty sunset on a nice spring evening is how I started to feel daily. Was it because I was spending more time being intentionally focused on my happiness? Was my vibrations shifting for the better? I wasn't sure but it felt great.

    I came to look forward to writing every day and felt off when I missed a day. I even found myself getting messages through YouTube tarot card readings that I should continue doing my daily affirmations; if that wasn't a sign from the Universe then I don't know what is!

    I was so moved by my own daily affirmations that eventually Dimitar started to do his own too. It was fun to see us both working on ourselves because it really is too easy to lose sight of what matters most. When the struggle is real and it overstays it's welcome, we often take the tiny miracles for granted. As small as they may be to some, daily affirmations isn't just a way to manifest what you want, but it's a chance to express gratitude amongst the daily chaos of our every day lives. 

    If you decide to start writing daily affirmations, share your experience below and let me know how it has helped your life! It may not happen so quickly, but with time, I'm sure greatness will find you!

Until next time - Sarah xoxo


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