Since I last wrote about my favorite K-dramas for 2022, I figured it was time to update my list with this last years winners. Being a K-drama enthusiast, I always like to browse Netflix for new releases. My to-go to genres are dramedies, horror, and romance. I personally love feel good shows and while not all, but most K-dramas do a spectacular job at lifting my spirits up or tugging at my heart strings. Even if most shows are exaggerated (what show isn't?), I get annoyed at Dimitar when he insists on watching something other than K-dramas...it's crazy but true.

    Personally, I find K-dramas much more meaningful then American TV shows. The stories are relatable and unique, the acting is superb, and there is always a good amount of comedy that I have come to adore. As you all know, I love to laugh so when a show can be good AND funny - it's a win win. Plus, K-dramas are always on point about their aesthetics!

    So lets jump right into this list because it's going to be a long one! Also, as always, if you have recommendations for me, make sure to comment at the end of the post!

1. Reply 1988

Reply 1988

    I was genuinely sad when this show came to an end. Everyone essentially lives on this tiny block where their differences bring them together and it was this kind of rare community that made me love this show so much. In America, such community is so hard to find but this show did such a great job at making you feel part of it from episode one. From school, to love, to adult hood, and changing times, this show gives you a look back in time that leaves a profound message with you once it's over; connections are important, but so are your passions.

2. See You In My 19th Life

See You In My 19th Life

    Being someone who believes in reincarnation myself, this show really wowed me away! The story goes like this; a sudden death of a young girl leaves her to reincarnate where her mission is to find someone she promised to protect. Full of beautiful moments that made me laugh and cry, the overall theme of reincarnation really comforted my soul during a time I needed it the most. On top of that, the sound track is also amazing!

3. Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen

    After an humorous accident, the main character wakes up to finding himself not only in a different time period, but also inside a females body. This show had so much wonderful goofy moments in it that made me fall over in laughter. At the same time, the story had a good amount of politics in it that was portrayed in a entertaining way to keep the watchers involved. I truly loved the development and complexity of the main character and I'd absolutely watch this show again in a heartbeat!

4. Like Flowers In Sand

Like Flowers In Sand

    I wasn't sure if I'd like this show since it was about Ssireum wrestling (I didn't know anything about it at first) but this show ended up being good! It was motivating to watch the main character develop his confidence as a wrestler while at the same time building his connection to his childhood friend. A combination of passion, family, love, and crime, all made this show worth it. An added bonus was that it took place near the water which always attracts my attention!

5. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

        This show is so easy on the eyes and soul without too much drama or politics - just how I like it! It takes you on the journey of a young girl who moves her dentist practice to a quiet village (by the water, of course) but has a hard time fitting in due to her city like expectations and attitude. This show highlights the importance of being down to earth, caring for your neighbors, and making peace with your past; of course with a hint of love too!

6.  Behind Your Touch

Behind Your Touch

    I hardly come across shows that have to deal with being in the Veterinary field so I was really excited to watch Behind Your Touch. Turns out, it's so funny with many twists and turns! After taking over her parent's hospital, the main character ends up with a unique ability that ends up working in her favor. With a touch of crime, love, and friendship, this funny show came with quirky moments that really brought everything together so nicely. If you like humor, this show is it!

7. Castaway Diva

Castaway Diva

    If you love singing, Castaway Diva will inspire you to go after your dreams! The main character gets stranded on an Island but is later discovered years later to the world's surprise. As the stars line up in her favor, she ends up working along side her Idol to rediscover her passion for singing. With hidden drama lurking as the story unfolds, this story was absolutely amazing and inspiring to me - not to mention, the vocals of Park Eun-bin are incredible!

8. Kingdom


    K-drama has been on fire lately with their zombie shows and Kingdom is one of them! A young prince ends up getting involved in a scandal that leaves him no choice but to flee his own kingdom. As he does so, a mysterious virus breaks out that brings the dead back to life, and it forces the prince to step up and defend his people. I'm not one for gore but I can't deny the thrill of watching a plot unfold towards the waking dead and the survival of the fittest. If you enjoy zombie flicks like I do, give this a watch!

9. The Glory

The Glory

    I was hesitant to watch the Glory because I'm not one who enjoys heavily dramatic dramas, but this show offered revenge every step of the way so it was pretty satisfying to watch. This show covers heavily on the effects of bullying and since I faced bullying myself in school, watching The Glory was a bit triggering at times. With intense moments that leave you shocked and emotionally involved, I was even more shocked to discover that this show was based off of true events...

    And there you have it - my top K-dramas for 2023. The list is still growing as the year progresses and I already can't wait to share more dramas with you. Also, if you have dramas that you'd like me to watch, comment down below and let me know!

Until next time! - Sarah xoxo


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