As someone who likes to be transparent about my life through this blog, it's no surprise that these past few years for me have been extremely turbulent. I wish I could say otherwise, but...it is what it is. I wont go too much in detail about it (since it's not what this post is about), but after losing two pets and battling depression, it seemed like the dark tunnel before me was never ending. Fortunately, by the end of 2023, life became a bit brighter and I'm slowly starting to feel like I can breathe again and of course; it has a lot to do with a few books that have helped me along the way.

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    I personally love self-development books but this year, I have moved towards books that will help me become financially independent. No one taught me much about financial literacy and since it's not really taught in school either, I made many financial mistakes in my 20's that still make me feel a bit raw to this day. But (big but), as I venture down this new road of investing and reshaping my mental state to be empowering, I'm discovering the brighter side of life again that is pushing me towards a brighter future.

    So here are a few books that I have personally come to love and I hope they will help inspire you as well. 

1. Girls That Invest by Simran Kaur

    A wonderful book that easily breaks the investing world down for us ladies to understand. Not just that, but Simran Kaur does so in a way that really keeps the reader engaged, making it perfect for newbie investors. This book shares it all, going in depth (but in style) about index funds, the stock market, common myths about investing, and so much more. I highly recommend this book to ladies (or guys) who are new to the investing world who want to start investing sooner than later.

    I love this book! While this book is geared towards teenagers so they can start making proper decisions at a young age that benefit them in their 20's, anyone at any age can (and should) read this book! I honestly wish I had picked up this book when I was a teenage but I still found the information in this book so valuable and inspiring to someone who started investing at a later age. This guide covers everything from what a teen should start to do once they're able to start making money, budgeting, how to approach loans and school, debt, and even real estate.  Dan's approach towards investing is practical and he doesn't candy coat anything; an attitude I have come to appreciate.

3. The House Hacking Strategy by Craig Curelop

The House Hacking Strategy by Craig Curelop

    I did not know a thing about house hacking until I picked up this book. For those who do not know, house hacking is the process of where you buy a home to live in and you rent out the spare rooms within it so that you basically end up "living for free." When our home can be our number 1 biggest expense, house hacking helps get rid of that expense so you can put your money towards other avenues. This handy book is packed with so much useful information and breaks down different loans one can apply for, how to build a team to find the best deals on homes, and how to live more frugal to make house hacking worth while. If you're interested in house hacking, this book is a must read!

4. Boss It by Carl Reader

Boss It by Carl Reader

    Boss It is a phenomenal book that breaks down what makes or breaks a business and how to avoid common mistakes that many business owners make when starting their own business.  It made me realize that starting a business can be great but only if you are doing so where you can delegate tasks so that your passions remain your passions - not another job! This book gives a lot of hard to swallow truth bombs but if anyone is serious about starting their own business the right way without feeling tied down or exhausted, this book is an essential!

5. Mind Power by John Kehoe

Mind Power by John Kehoe

    A friend recommended this book to me and it really helped me reapply everything that I've learned over these years in such an effortless manner. Mind Power's message can be compared to the Law of Attraction except it's much more down to earth and practical. John Kehoe emphasizes that through visualizing and being mindful of our thoughts and actions so that both align with one another (not contradict), we can push ourselves to create the life that we really want. If you struggle with positive thinking, this book is a must read and one that I would gift to anyone in a heart beat!

    So, If you're like me and you want to make 2024 great, hopefully some of these books will inspire you they way that they have for me. Each book has a great message to offer which essentially is to start investing now rather than later and to be mindful of your thoughts/feelings/and actions. While I'm nowhere near where I want to be right now, just reading these books has pushed me in the direction I want to be in. 

Until next time - Sarah xoxo 


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