I was feeling artsy the other day and had a drive to draw something...fall related, of course. I haven't drawn in awhile and usually drawing is what I do to clear my head and ground myself when life feels too chaotic. Since I haven't done much of that lately though, todays post is dedicated to being creative. Even if you aren't artsy like I am, see what you can do anyways. If you are a creative bug, take this as a sign to continue being creative. 

    Now, I just want to give a heads up that from here on out until next year, please expect seasonal posts. I'm a pretty festive person and holidays tend to bring out the best in me; hopefully they do for you too. Since September is the start of the "ember," months, it's only fitting that I will begin to do more seasonal posts like todays; drawing pumpkins on Procreate. 

    Drawing pumpkins are pretty easy which is why I thought todays post would be great for everyone to try. Even though I am using Procreate, you don't have to use it and can instead draw on paper or the computer even; whichever works for you. The goal I hope to achieve is to inspire you to be creative and if I can do that, then I have succeeded - very nice. 

Pumpkin w/ witch hat sketch on Procreate

    To get started, I first sketched out my idea in Procreate. It takes a few rough drafts of sketches before I have one that is worthy of inking over. I wasn't sure if my idea would work out but the more I added to my stack of pumpkins, the more I began to like what I saw. I really wanted to add in a broom stick somewhere on the side, but I felt like the vines around the pumpkins were enough, so I didn't. 

Inked over plus color template for pumpkins

    After everything was sketched over and inked, I gave the background a beige/orange color. I thought it would compliment the pumpkins and it really did in the end! Afterwards, I had the idea to make the three pumpkins in the color of candy corn; white, orange, and yellow. The idea worked perfectly because candy corns are usually shaped like little triangles and the stacked pumpkins created a triangle as well. 

All base colors on

    With the base colors on, it's now time for my favorite part; adding in the shadows and highlights. This part really makes the entire illustration come to life and while it can take some extra time, it's worth it. When it comes to shadows, I use the darkest color on my illustration and lighten it's opacity. If the color only works for some parts on the illustration, I just take the darkest color of that object and use it instead. This will keep everything looking uniformed and well balanced. 

Adding shadows and highlights

    For shadows, I use the airbrushing tool on hard which gives me clean shadow lines. For the highlights, I like to use a textured brush which helps the pumpkin look more put together. I find that combining both solid and textured brushes can make even the most basic illustration look advanced and it's worth experimenting if you're an artist looking to improve your artwork. 


    This illustration was spontaneous but so fun and relaxing to draw!  It's perfect for beginner's to add to their drawing adventures as the seasons change and one I will definitely do more of. The total time for this illustration took about two hours to complete but with recording, it took about three and a half hours. When you're having fun though, time is never a concern, but a luxury. 

    Watch the complete video below of me drawing these pumpkins to follow along yourself!

Until next time! xoxo - Sarah


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