I'm back! After doing a water fast for so long, I needed to take some time away to get my energy back to normal. I spent a lot of time thinking during my fast and recovery that I realized how important visualizing is for our own success. In everything we do, our own ability to picture an outcome comes first. Have you ever thought about it? 

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    If you're accustomed to the Law of Attraction, you understand the concept of how like attracts like and how the same goes with negativity. We're all energetic magnets surrounded by balls of experiences that really test our skills and wisdom throughout life. The key to all of this that makes everything more interesting, is not just how we manage our thoughts, but how we use our own imagination. 

    What I mean is, you know how you'll sometimes find yourself daydreaming about those lucky lottery numbers or that dream vacation? If you turn your daydreaming up a notch and use it to help you achieve your goals, you're actually likely to speed up your manifesting. I'll use me as an example. 

    My goal this year is to grow my YouTube channel and my Blog. Part of the Law of Attraction is that in order to get what you want, you have to live your life like you already have what you want. So, if I wanted my YouTube channel and Blog to grow, I would need to carry myself mentally and emotionally as if both my YouTube channel and blog were fruitful. It would also mean taking small steps to help me get to where I want to be like making more videos and articles.  

    If that's too hard to do, try spending 5-10 minutes everyday just sitting quietly - preferably listening to binaural frequencies -  and imagining what your life will be like if your deepest desires came true right now. What feelings would you feel? What would you do during your daily life? How would you change? What would you buy to splurge on? What kind of people would you surround yourself with? What exactly would improve in your life? When you take the time to visualize yourself achieving your deepest desires, you're giving yourself permission to commit to your dreams to the point where you imagine a life with them already manifested. 

    I would say write down your goals, but I don't find that this really immerses you into the visualizing aspect. Sometimes by letting our minds go and do it's own thing, we discover that there's more to us than what can be applied to paper. Now, I'm not saying that writing goals or dreams down is pointless - because it's far from that - but visualizing changes everything. Writing is a way to solidify or identify a goal while visualizing gives us a chance to live what's yet to manifest. 

    Ever heard the saying, fake it until you make it? This expression couldn't be more valid when it comes to visualizing to achieve our goals. So many successful and famous people have opened up about the powers of visualizing. When you're deep in hardship, it can be hard to see beyond it, but even then visualizing instills hope and pushes us towards a destination we know we'll thrive better in. 

    One of my favorite books is by Viktor Frankl called Man Searching For Meaning, and in this book he opens up about how he survived being in a Nazi concentration camp by visualizing a future that he could look forward to. To this day, this book always gives me hope and reminds me how beneficial it is to visualize a better life for ourselves and how far it can actually take us. 

    Whether you need a boost of abundance in your life or you want to turn your life around completely, I highly recommend practicing visualizing on a daily basis. I have recently started getting back into it and within a month, I have had more opportunities come my way in such a short amount of time. 

Until next time! xoxo - Sarah


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