Day 1: 138.2 lbs. (03/17/2022)

    Feeling normal with minor hunger pains. I developed a headache later in the day and stayed busy with daily tasks as usual. Energy was slightly effected when doing strenuous tasks. Drinking plenty of water helped ease my hunger. 

Day 2: 135.2 lbs.

    Woke up fatigue. Could hardly sleep the previous night before. Muscles were fairly weak and moving alone took so much effort. Cravings were high and it was hard to focus on daily tasks; thought about giving up my fast. Going out in the evening helped take my mind off of hunger but left me exhausted. That night I slept for 8 hours. 

Day 3: 134.2 lbs.

    Woke up fatigue with low energy. Hunger pains were intense and I spent the entire day watching food videos - lol. I was very restless and tried to take a nap, but was unsuccessful. I was easily irritated and tense; I thought about giving up my fast many times. Playing video games really helped take my mind off of everything. I went to bed around 11pm but could not fall asleep until 6am. 

Day 4: 133.2 lbs.

   Woke up very irritable and very exhausted. I started to develop bags under my eyes from lack of sleep. Could not focus on daily tasks so I continued to watch food videos. Journaling my thoughts and feelings helped put my fast into perspective but I continued to question my fast. I ended up buying myself some melatonin 3mg and took two before sleeping and I finally got 7 hours of sleep! 

Day 5: 131.6 lbs.

       Woke up feeling well rested and more energetic then yesterday. Muscles still feel fatigue when moving but not as bad. Able to focus on daily tasks and drinking water has become much more fulfilling. My mood was semi-high and I felt optimistic about completing my fast. I was able to work on a novel that I put down several months ago and it felt great to write again.

Day 6: 130.2 lbs.

    Woke up feeling semi-normal. Not much fatigue at all. Taking melatonin two nights in a roll has helped me sleep better and I was able to get 9 hours of sleep last night! I feel a bit more excited about my progress and continuing my fast. I also don't think about my cravings as much. 

Day 7: 129.4

    Felt much more energetic to do daily tasks and slept 8 hours previous night. Having fun was a lot easier and my focus was much better. Cravings were not as noticeable so being around food wasn't as hard. Was able to clean the entire apartment without feeling lethargic.

Day 8: 127.6

    Much happier today! I spent more time appreciating my fast after seeing results. I am able to focus on daily tasks without food crossing my mind and if they do, watching keto food videos satisfies me. I spent the day planning my keto plan for when I would be ready to eat after my fast was over and it was pretty exciting. 

Day 9: 127.0

    Felt pretty normal! No body aches or fatigue. Energy was high and I felt great. Weight loss was slow though which was very confusing. Nonetheless, I felt great. My hunger pains weren't that bad except for some minor back pain. Sleep was much better except for the weird feeling in my legs. 


Day 10: 126.6

    Feeling normal and high energy. I managed to do some cleaning but it did start to tire me out so I took it slow. Had energy to walk around outside but only for a short one. My back was still sore though - the kind of soreness I feel when I am about to start my period. I can be around food and cook just fine but being around my boyfriend while he eats is still hard.

Day 15: 122.6

    Slept very well the previous night. Now instead of taking 2 melatonin before bed, I take one. My clothes are fitting better too and I can tell that my face has slimmed down quite a bit. I also started my period today and there aren't many cramps or pains or cravings even. I still felt sleepy though throughout the day so my energy wasn't quite there which could be a result from my period.

Day 20: 118.2 (04/07/2022)

    Experiencing more hunger pains. Being on my period really made me feel sluggish and exhausted due to the cramps. I've been contemplating on cutting my fast short next week if the daily hunger pains don't go away. Writing my novel is the only thing I can focus on - that, and preparing my keto meals for when I'm ready to start eating again. I've also planned out how I'm going to reintroduce food back into my body.

** Broke my fast later in the day after intense hunger pains! I still feel happy though with myself and accomplished. For the next 9 days, I will do my recovery diet and then after that, I will do ketogenic Intermittent Fasting to maintain my weight loss.

Left: 138 lbs / Right: 118 lbs


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