There comes a time in your life where you want better than what you have; where quality is much more important than quantity. Our very own human nature is to create and thrive and while we can't fill in every crack that we find along the way, our drive to improve the quality of our life is perfectly normal. In fact, it's necessary.

    For example, when our home is messy, we get an urge to organize and tidy up. When our job is no longer fulfilling, we suddenly want one with better benefits or pay. If you discover you spend way too much time on social media than your own hobbies, then maybe you'd adjust your priorities. The quality of our life matters and when we get that push to do or be better, it's our inner selves trying to bring more happiness into our lives.

    As complex as we humans tend to be, this internal system of ours attempts to guide us in a better direction so that we are more in tune with ourselves. Nature always finds a way to restore the balance and we are no different. If our lives do not reflect what we truly want from ourselves, we will naturally get situations that will challenge this. When this happens, something either needs an upgrade or needs to be replaced. We either have to let go and move on or welcome new adventures into our lives. 

    For the longest time, I didn't understand the importance of having a life of quality. I simply lived every day filled with obligations and I always ignored the signs from the Universe. I was on autopilot and internally suffering just like many others around me. It was only when I turned to my hobbies again that I found myself able to see beyond the walls I had built for myself. It was astonishing how a small tweak in my routine changed my life forever.

    So, here are some ways you can improve the quality of your life right now and you may be pleasantly surprised by how easy it really is!

1. Develop A Hobby

    If you have an itch to try out something new, find ways to start now. Take that art class you found on Groupon, join that Facebook group, or buy the supplies you need from Amazon. Starting your hobby sooner than later can really enrich your daily life. 

2. Spend Time In Nature

    Do you spend too much time indoors and can hardly remember the last time you felt the sun on your skin? Go to your nearest park and explore the trails or bring some friends along to enjoy outdoor activities. Being in nature is a great way to move stagnant energy while getting some fresh air at the same time. 

3. Have Fun

    If you're all work and no play, you'll eventually get burnt out! Whether you like playing video games, going out to social events, or even engaging in your own hobbies - everyone should learn to embrace their own inner child.

4. Quality Time With Loved Ones

    If you know you have been absent from those you love, reach out to them and plan something that everyone can get involved with. Check up on those you haven't heard from in awhile or invite friends over to lighten up your home. The best memories are the ones we can share with others!

5. Mend Your Finances

    It can be absolutely hard to enjoy life when you have a dark cloud of debt hanging over you. Rather then letting it suck the life out of you, find small ways to tackle it. Or, if you want to start increasing your earnings, look for ways to bring in passive income or learn to invest. Money dictates a lot in todays modern world so finding creative ways to improve your finances will give you more freedom.

6. Follow Your Passions

    At the end of the day, if you aren't doing what you really want to do, you aren't going to be happy. You will either find external objects to make you happy, or live with a void in you that you'll try to cope with. If you aren't satisfied with your career, change it in a practical way. If you want to start a business, give it a shot. If you start living a life driven by your passions, the quality of your life will increase dramatically!

7. Meet New People

    If your circle of friends is small or a bit...outdated, why not meet new people? The power of having friends that compliment us is so rewarding. If you're an introvert like I am where making friends can be a bit challenging, make connections through social Apps and see what interesting souls you meet.

8. Work/Life Balance

    Similar to having more fun, establishing work/life balance is paramount for everyone. Work can often find it's way into our homes, disrupting the time we spend either with our loved ones or the time we spend on ourselves. Whether you work from home or not, find creative ways to keep your work separate from your personal life. If this means being more upfront with your employer or even switching to a new job, it's worth considering if you lack work/life balance. 

9. Declutter

    Personally, I find that having junk around me is a representation of my mind. A clean home is a home with better energy and it's much more inviting to those around us and our own psyche. Spend time cleaning your home (or wherever needs cleaning) and getting rid of what no longer serves it's purpose. By freeing your environment of junk, you'll feel so much lighter. When you think of quality, it involves higher standards; bring those standards back into your life by keeping your environment clean and organized.  

10. Travel More 

    I'm guilty of this but I do not travel as much as I want to. If you're like me and you need a vacation, start planning or saving up for one. It's been statistically proven that even a short vacation is enough to improve our level of dopamine and that says a lot about traveling. Whether you travel to a new city or out of the country, traveling is a great way to change up your daily routine. 

11. Treat Yourself 

    Restricting your ability to treat yourself can easily become overbearing. You can treat yourself without overdoing it by simply giving yourself small rewards that are of high value; monthly get-a-ways, eating out every now and then, or even having a savings account that is specifically dedicated to splurging. Try not to be so caught up in the destination and learn to enjoy the journey as well. 

12. Take Charge Of Your Health

    One of my goals this year is to lose weight in a healthy manner; meaning no strict diets. For many, tackling their health goals can be exhausting and intimidating but in the long run, it's so worth it. If you're ready to turn your health around, consult with your doctor or start changing your shopping habits. Maybe even consider joining a gym with a friend too if you want to exercise more. You can't enjoy your life to the fullest if you don't look and feel your best!

13. Limit Social Media 

    We all know it; social media is fake! Nothing is what it seems on most social media platforms and sadly, many of us fall victim to admiring false idols. The best thing many of us can do is limit how much time we spend on social media so that we can start prioritizing our life instead of idolizing others. 

14. Relocate

    As a city lover, you wouldn't find me moving to the country side anytime soon. I thrive from activity and interacting with my surroundings which is why I have plans to move to Florida. I've always lived in Virginia but Florida resonates with my energy. Sometimes the hard truth is that where we live may not be right for us and it may be worth relocating.

    And that's it! This small list should get you started towards a path of improving the quality of your life. Such changes will always require you to be honest with yourself, but it will only benefit you in the end. So if there is a part of you that is trying to reach out from within, have courage to see what it's trying to say because it may just change your life forever.

Until next time! - Sarah xoxo


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