For those who don't know - I love K-drama shows. I've shared bits of my interest in a few of my vlogs on YouTube but I've never gone into detail about them. I actually didn't start watching Korean shows until just a few years ago and since then, I have been hooked. I didn't realize how good TV shows could really be until I started to watch Korean drama shows. For any K-drama enthusiasts out there, I thought I'd share some of my favorites so far, and maybe even discover some new ones too!

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    When it comes to K-drama shows, I have genres that are my favorite. For example, I love comedy, and Korean comedy is unlike anything I've watched before. Their comedy is heartfelt, relatable, and so refreshing compared to American TV shows - no offense. I also enjoy Romance too - I use to cringe to the idea of watching romantic shows because I could never get into them but the story telling on most Korean dramas is so well done, that you're immersed into them before you can second guess yourself.

    With that said, I want to jump into my favorite K-drama shows. It's a long list and I may even cut this post into a second part in case it's too long. Also, if anyone has suggestions for me on new K-dramas to watch, please let me know in the comment section as I need new ones to watch! Heads up too,  this posts has minor spoiler alerts so read at your own risk!

1. Playful Kiss

    Playful kiss is a show about a young girl who has a love/hate relationship with a boy from school. While she struggles academically in school, a boy out of her league catches her attention despite their major differences. However, their relationship proves to be complicated as the two not only have a hard time getting along but they are constantly bumping into one another. The show itself has a nice amount of comedy, moments of sweet romance, and even emotional parts that are so relatable. This romantic comedy is a must watch and one of my top favorites! The fact that young Jung So-min is in it, is just an added bonus.

Monthly Magazine Home

2. Monthly Magazine Home

    As you guessed, anything with Korean actress Jung So-min is bound to capture my heart. She plays her roles so well and she's so dedicated to every one of them that I can't help but adore her. Monthly Magazine Home is a show about a girl whos home gets bought out my a greedy wealthy business man. As she struggles to find a home she can call her own and to support herself even, she ends up dreadfully working with the same business man who took her home in the first place. This show has moments that really left me emotional - making me cry and laugh at the same time. It truly opens your eyes on how special a home really is and how success can help you achieve the home of your dreams.

True Beauty

3. True Beauty

    Who doesn't like a good love triangle story? True Beauty may be known for it's romance, but to me it was much more than that. It was actually hard for me to watch this show because it covered topics that I myself could relate to; bullying, suicide, insecurities. The show revolves around a young girl who for so long struggles with accepting her looks. She turns to makeup to boost her self-esteem and  later befriends a boy who also has a past of his own. Together they lean on one another for support, helping each other through their own troubles. This show not only opens up on the devastating effects of bullying, but also the importance of loving yourself for who you are. 

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?

4. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?

    Besides the fact that I have a crush on Park Seo-joon, this show is hilarious and full of romantic moments that take your breath away and put you in a feel-good mood. Not only is the chemistry between Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young on point, but the plot is so entertaining. The story revolves around a secretary who ends up leaving her boss to take time off to care for herself. The boss isn't used to be told no though and does whatever he can to win her back. This comedy/romance show has it's cute moments but also dips into hidden fears that bring the pair together. If you need a good show to cuddle up on the couch to - this is definitely one!

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

5. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

    One of my absolute favorites - and one that I re-watch so often - this show wins my heart no matter how much time passes. This coming of age show highlights a young girl who aims to become a great athlete while at the same time she struggles to tap into her feminine side. As she discovers love for the first time and realizes she has no idea what to do with herself, the story unfolds to be so funny and romantic yet down to earth. Whenever I am having a bad day - or week for that matter - this show always cheers me up.

Itaewon Class

6. Itaewon Class

    This show really hit big and for good reasons. The story line is intense and focuses on a young man who's life is turned upside down by a viscous business man. As the young man builds his wealth from the ground up, he experiences great competition along with it. This show tugs at your heart and sheds light on the importance of perseverance, no matter how hard life becomes. While this show is full of emotions that hit a nerve within you, it also has moments of love and even comedy. I had Dimitar watch this show with me and he was hooked after the first few episodes - which says a lot since he's not really into K-drama like I am!

Hello My Twenties

7. Hello My Twenties

    Also known as Age of Youth, this coming of age show brings together five girls who learn to work around each other's unique personalities and needs - did I mention they're also roommates too? As you immerse yourself into the girls diverse lifestyle together, you also take a dip into all of their lives which reveals their own troubling past. Full of rich comedy, friendship, and heartfelt drama, this show reminds us of the importance of friendship, but also the importance of healing the past.

Crash Landing On You

8. Crash Landing On You

    Crashing Landing On You is an amazing show! If you haven't watched it yet - do it - you won't regret it. A successful, yet relentless, business woman struggles with her own ties with her family and one day disappears after an accident. She ends up finding herself stuck in North Korea where her whole life turns upside in a flash. Just when she fears the worst, she befriends a North Korean Officer and his comrades. Full of action, romance, and heart felt moments, this show really leaves you on the edge of your chair out of anticipation. Also, Son Yen-jin's acting skills are incredible and really pull you deeper into the show to experience each scene for yourself.

Because This Is My First Life

9. Because This Is My First Life

    This is another show that I find myself re-watching when I am having a bad week. It's so relatable to me on so many levels that it only adds to my admiration for Jung Son-min. The story is about a girl who is constantly moving around because she finds herself being surrounded by people who take advantage of her. She ends up meeting a man who is desperate for a trustworthy roommate that the unusual duo end up living together and marrying out of mutual interests. This feel good show not only left me emotional, but gave me so many good laughs too. Lee Min Ki and Jung Son-min work together so well and I look forward to watching more from them in the future!

Fight For My Way

10. Fight For My Way

    Fight For My Way is such a motivating show to watch that it's easy to see why this show captured my heart. You take a dip into the lives of a young girl and boy who have known each other since their school years. As both grow up and encounter struggles that weigh heavy on their shoulders, they eventually rely on each other to lift each others spirits to pursue their dreams. The dynamic pair in this show really inspired me because it reminded me that with every success story, there are struggles behind them and it's through a strong support system that makes the journey worthwhile. 

Record of Youth

11. Record of Youth

    This cute story reveals the life of three friends who work hard to achieve their goals despite the struggles they endure. As fame and success are priority for all of them, they all adjust with finding their own identity in a demanding world. With hard work, passion, and the right mind-set, this show reminds viewers that while you may not know what to expect from life, it's important to stay true to yourself and to follow your heart. This show wouldn't be complete either if it didn't have a love triangle of it's own!

12. Live

    Live is one of the few Korean crime TV shows that I have come to really enjoy. It takes you on a journey of young cadets in the Patrol Division who follow the lead of their superiors. This show is more on the serious side as it reveals the everyday life of a Patrol officer, and it's not always pretty either. Filled with raw emotions and troubling cases, I love this show for the fact that it stays true to the issues Patrol Officers commonly face in real life. 


Start - Up

13. Start - Up

    Isn't Nam Joo-hyuk so dreamy - ugh - it's too much to handle sometimes. Anyways though, Start-Up is full of ups and downs that really leave you immersed in the story line. I cried so many times because of the hardships the characters end up enduring as they both strive for success. The story covers two young adults who are both hungry and determined to achieve their goals. With a first love that takes place at an early age, the story reveals a twist that only gets better as the show progresses. It's a must watch for sure!


    And there you go! These are some of my top favorite Korean Drama shows that I really enjoy as of 2022. I could definitely use some more suggestions though so if you have any recommendations for me, I'd love to hear them! Also, if you've watched any of the shows I've mentioned in this post, let me know your thoughts on them too!

Until next time! xoxo - Sarah


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