We all have moments in our life when we feel like the world is weighing us down. I've been there plenty of times and I'm sure you can say the same. Somedays I feel like I am on top of the world and nothing can touch me, but then the next, I feel as if I am being consumed by all of the negativity around me. The good news though  is that with a bit of a push and the right mindset, anyone can get themselves out of a funky mood and it's worth trying too because...life is pretty long. 

    As I've mentioned before in some of my recent posts, human beings are creatures of habit. It's not just our environment that controls whether or not we're going to have a good day or a bad one, but our very own habits. What do you do when you're feeling that bad mood tug at your skin? Do you take time to figure out why or do you isolate yourself and ignore it as much as you can? Do take time out of your day to have yourself a "me" day or do you jam pack your schedule?

    I'm a big advocate of mental health. Not only do I believe that we are creatures of habit, but we are also thinking creatures and our mind's health go hand-in-hand with our feelings. When a person is entirely balanced, everything about them is balanced out; mentally, physically, and spiritually. I read this once before in a book that I highly believe everyone should read. When a person is not balanced, it shows in their relationships, their overall health, and their attitude. So you see, this is why self-development is so important; you're not just working on yourself, but your're also working to improving the world you live in. 

    With all of that said though, we can now move on to today's' post which is how to get out of a funky mood. It's a general list, but it should offer you somewhere to start if you're really in need of a boost. 

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1. Journaling
    I love journaling. It's a great way to organize my thoughts and have a place where I can be myself without judgement from the outside world. We all need time to process how we're feeling and journaling can offer us so much tension relief. It allows us to express ourselves when we aren't able to or it can remind us to tackle issues that we're not willing to face. When you take time to journal your thoughts and feelings, it's you confiding in yourself. By going within, you can help ease the constant chatter inside of your mind and reduce your stress levels. 
    I always make it a habit to journal every few weeks. Sometimes if something crazy has happened or I'm simply just extra stressed - I'll journal more often. I like to journal because as time goes on, I can go back and read my entries and see if I've made any improvements. Sometimes just reading the hardships we have overcome in the past can really give us the strength we need in our every day lives. 

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Spend Time With Loved Ones

2. Spend Time With Loved Ones

    Sometimes all we need is some extra company at the end of the day to remind us of how important we are. Not only can we be our own worst critic, but being in a world full of strangers is equally exhausting! To make up for this, make time to spend time with your loved ones. It can be your partner, your friends, your family, or even your pets. Energy is contagious and just by being around others who love and support us can reverse our funky feelings. 

    Having someone you trust by your side or a special companion like your pets can make us feel less alone. Stress is often an accumulation of worry that we bottle up for no good reason - and trust me, the last thing you should do is bottle up your emotions! By having someone we trust by our side that we can confide in, it will help us better manage our emotions and give us an outsiders perspective. By removing ourselves from being our own worst critic, we allow others who love us to support us instead. 

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Be In Nature
3. Be In Nature

    Have you ever felt like your problems were closing in on you and you had nowhere to go? This leads me to my next suggestion; going out in nature. As scary as the world may be, nature is the best medicine for our stress. It helps give us perspective and reminds us to slow down. Even in Nature, life and death never stop which give balance to the nature that we see all around us; growing and thriving. Just like going within helps us understand ourselves better, nature helps us open up and free ourselves from our own restrictions. 
    Spending time in nature has always helped me see beyond my worries. I am the kind of person who enjoys a change of scenery and since I work at my desk a lot, simply going outside for a fifteen minute walk is enough to soothe my soul. They say stagnate energy - energy that doesn't move - is stale energy. By constantly moving around, we give our own energy a chance to renew itself and what better way to do this than being in nature? There are plenty of activities we can do in nature anyways so you really have no excuse. 

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Listen To Good Music

4. Listening To Good Music 

    Have you ever met a person who didn't like music? Exactly. Music truly has an amazing ability to connect with us on a much deeper lever. Sad music can bring us down, angry music can leave us anxious, while upbeat music can make us want to dance. Have you ever heard of the water experiment done while playing different music? The experiment was conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto to monitor if water had consciousness and he discovered that different music vibrating at different frequency were in fact capable of changing the shape of water molecules. It's a study that really impacted my life because it made me realize how influential human beings really are since majority of us are made out of water. 
    So, the next time you listen to music, make sure it's music that will really lift your spirits. I stay away from music with vocals in it because I personally find them distracting  - plus, I generally don't like what majority of artists talk about in their music today as it's too superficial. Instead, I listen to a lot of Chill Hop music, classical music, and oldies but goodies. I also listen to binaural beats on a weekly basis to help reset my energy. 

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5. Reading

    There is a reason why reading is so popular. Just like music - which stimulates our auditory senses - reading allows us to dip into our imagination. A healthy imagination can help you live your life more creatively, it encourages you to be more curious, and it helps you process goals or make new ones. Books have the ability to help us understand the world around us by tapping into our senses to create a story we can connect to. For anyone who lives a hectic life, making sense of the world or immersing ourselves into a different world completely is exactly what our soul needs to feel at ease. 
    I personally like reading self-help books because not only am I working on myself but at the same time, I am also taking my mind off of my own troubles. I am being proactive despite my own emotions. If you enjoy reading novels, pick a book that will speak to your inner well-being and leave you feeling inspired. Fantasy books like Harry Potter are a great example of what books are capable of accomplishing when the story line engages ones imagination.

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Play More Often

6. Play More Often
    Whenever I am having a funky day, I put anything work related to the side and play video games. It's either that or I just watch Spongebob Squarepants. If you're in a funky mood that just wont go away, it could be a sign from your inner child that you need a chill day to yourself. Play your favorite video games, watch your favorite TV show or movie that makes you feel like a child again, or go to the park and hang out on the monkey bars. Just because we're adults doesn't mean that we can't have fun - it just means we have to make time to having more of it. 
   As soon as we grow up, we're taught that we have to work to succeed. This is true but not completely. Regardless of how old we are, having fun never goes away. It doesn't stop just because we're no longer a child. Everyone has a child within them that just wants to laugh and play. So make time to play more often. Be spontaneous, be reckless, binge watch your favs - embrace your inner child and watch how good you will start to feel!  It's only a matter of time before you start feeling like the world is your playground.

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7. Sleep

    Many of us aren't getting enough sleep - I know I'm not. I usually get about six hours of sleep daily; Sunday being the only day where I sleep in since that's when Dimitar has a free day too. When you're in charge of your own success, you have to hold yourself accountable but that often means long nights and early mornings. If you're feeling funky and you're yawning more than usual, don't fight it. Take a nap or even sleep the entire day if you want - listen to your body.
    Our bodies go through a lot for us, especially our brains, so it's important to relax them regularly. Even if you don't need sleep, you can still find ways to relax more like taking a long bath, getting a massage, visiting a sauna, or drinking good quality tea. Majority of the time though, all we need is a bit of sleep so find yourself a nice comfortable spot inside of your home and let yourself drift away. 

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8. Travel 

    If you're able to of course, traveling is the best way to lift ones spirit. If we do the same thing everyday with no breaks in between, getting away may just be what you need. Now, of course you don't have to fly somewhere far away to feel the benefits of traveling, so if leaving your own town even is enough, then do that too. I say traveling though because just as I view nature offering us something bigger than ourselves, traveling can easily go hand-in-hand with that. 
    When was the last time you felt like a tourist? Go outside of your comfort zone and discover new places and cultures. Be a tourist in a completely new area so that all you have to rely on are the local's help and a map. Traveling opens our mind to bigger possibilities and empowers us. Knowing that there is a much bigger world than the comfort of our own city can really free us from our funky feelings and busy schedules.  Every time I have asked elders for their advice on living a happy life, I'm always told the same thing; travel while you can.

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9. Baking
    I love baking because it stimulates our senses - along with everything else on this list too. If you're noticing the patterns with me, I've come to realize that maybe the reason why we fall into funky moods is because we aren't stimulating our senses enough. What better way to do this than to bake something special? If you're not into baking, you can also cook, but just the activity alone of turning raw ingredients into a final edible product will make you feel pretty accomplished. Plus, it'll make your room smell pretty good too.
    My to go to dessert to bake are cookies or cupcakes. I love the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies and I love how cute cupcakes look with icing and sprinkles on top of them. It's a small treat to myself that I like to indulge in every now and then. The truth is though, anyone can go to the store and buy their baked goods, but how many will actually bake it themselves? It's all about the experience in my opinion so treat yourself to a homemade goodie and see how fun and tastier it can really be. 

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Try A New Hobby

10. Try A New Hobby
    Seven years ago, I was a working slave. I worked over 50 hours a week and I wasn't happy - go figure.  It took falling into a depression and gaining weight to help me rediscover my passion for art and since then, I haven't looked back. My passion for art has also helped me discover my passion for creating videos on YouTube and my life has improved so much since taking such a big leap of faith. 

    As a creator myself, I always try to encourage people to tune more into their own hobbies; after all, you'd be surprised what human beings are capable of creating. When we find a piece of ourselves that we want to dedicate our time to, our world becomes more authentic to how we see ourselves. Many of us are not living a life of our passions, but a life pushed onto us. So spend some time figuring out what your passions are and make a hobby out of it - you are worth investing into, so give it a try. 

    There you go! If this list doesn't help cheer you up, always remember this: 

"We cannot control what life throws at us, but we can control our attitude towards it. " - Sarita's Life

Until next time! xoxo - Sarah



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