I love baking; just like I love turning a white piece of paper into something colorful and from my own imagination, baking is the same way. I have so much to learn when it comes to it, but for now, it’s such a relaxing process for me. Unfortunately, in our flat, there isn't much counter space in the kitchen, which makes baking a challenge. I often have to move to the dining table so that I have more room to work with.

    Either way though, my plan for the kitchen is to get more cabinets that go against the wall parallel to the sink so for now, the counters will have to do. Lately, I've been baking small items like cookies and dough for pizza. The first time I've tried to make pizza dough, I didn't have any yeast so I made a yeast-less pizza. It was tough and lacked flavor so I made sure to buy yeast next time I went grocery shopping.

    The second time I made pizza dough, the dough came out so perfect! I was so proud of myself; nothing is as adorable as dough and I always feel bad for cooking if afterwards!

Ingredients for pizza dough

Dough after mixing
Dough after rising for 1 hour

    When my pizza dough started coming out perfect, I decided to go into baking bread. I was in the mood for a sweet bread, so I decided to try challah bread - which I loved, but never tried to bake my own. I followed a recipe that seemed easy enough to follow. Since the recipe asked for bread machine or a stand-alone mixer, I was out of luck and had to knead everything by hand.

    I made the recipe twice; the first time I didn't add enough sugar, and the second time I still didn't add enough sugar and slightly over cooked it; a bummer and down a full carton of eggs. I didn't record myself baking but next time I will try honey instead of sugar, and bake ten minutes less. Hopefully that will work out!

    I'm not going to lie, baking can be frustrating at times, but  there is also joy that comes from learning a recipe's ins and outs. Baking along with improving my green-thumb are on my to-do list to improve! 

Challah bread

    Until next time! xoxo - Sarah


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