It's Halloween! One of my favorite Holidays that really leaves me feeling giddy inside. Everything from the weather, the cozy smells, and the colorful trees really just sits so well with me. Dimitar and I have been talking a lot about moving to Florida and while it's a huge possibility, I'd honestly miss the four seasons here on the East Coast. But anyways, moving is not what todays post is about - it's about traveling to a cute historic town that I had never been to before but came to adore. 

    The town's name is called Leesburg and it's known for it's authentic structure buildings built during the 1700s.  If you've read my previous posts where I used to live in Old Town Alexandria, you know I have always adored older towns that have age to them. Small town feels is what I am all about, I just don't know if I'm ready to live in one yet. Leesburg was roughly an hour away from where we lived so we made sure to eat well before heading out; what better way to start the day than with crepes covered in strawberry and chocolate drizzle?

Celebrating my 10 year anniversary w/ Dimitar

    On the road, I had a strange feeling that I would see a rainbow. Lately whenever I'm outside, I get a strong feeling that I will see a rainbow and 100% of the time, I do! I'm not sure how to explain this but Dimitar has been with me every time it happens and we're both blown away! I didn't see a rainbow on our way there though but, a crazy surprise does happen by the end of the day!

    Since the historic part of Leesburg was small, we prepared ourselves by parking and walking to all the areas we could go to. It was actually a very warm day and I regretted wearing my jean jacket! It was so warm that we eventually got ourselves ice-cream. There were many cute shops in the area like furniture shops, clothing stores, pubs, pottery, and tons of restaurants. Before we knew it, we had seen everything!

Leesburg Courthouse

    There was one particular shop though that really caught my attention that I pulled Dimitar into which was a quaint little book shop called Birch Tree Bookstore. Inside, the space was small, cozy,  and decorated with books on every wall. There was also a great selection of witch novels that really helped me embrace the Halloween spirit, along with Halloween decorations sprawled over lampshades or hung from the ceilings - it was awesome!

    Dimitar had wandered off into the plant section which I didn't know about, while I spent time flipping through pages of witchy novels; taking pictures of the books that I'd look more into later on. 
Birch Tree Bookstore

    The store even had a small children's book section which I absolutely fell in love with! It was adorable and even had a few books that I had read when I was little but completely forgotten about. It always amazes me when moments like these hit because it sure reminds me of how valuable memories are. 
The children's book section

The cutest space ever!

       Just when I thought the shop couldn't get any cuter, in the far back of the store was a plant shop! Dimitar and I spent a good chunk of time looking over plants we'd had never seen before while admiring the cute pots they were all potted in. I have always been fond of plants but being in a room full of them really inspired me to get more plants for the house. 

The plant shop in the back 

    Speaking of which, I told myself that I wouldn't buy anything (saving up to move...) but just as I had said that to myself, I saw a potted plant that literally made me gasp. It was as if the Universe knew what heart strings to pull in me and plopped the funniest looking pot in my path to buy. Did I buy it? Yes. Yes, I did.
Meet Willie, our new house plant.

    So we bought Willie (yes, we named the plant) and new he'd make a great companion to our funky looking money tree that has surprisingly held up well for the past 3 years in my care. I don't exactly have a green thumb (I managed to kill a succulent once - a succulent!) so the fact that the money tree is still thriving is a blessing. Hopefully I can keep Willie alive too; fingers crossed. Also, we felt bad for naming Willie so we also named the money tree Billie. 

    After we bought Willie, there was a near by park called Morven Park that I really wanted us to see. The park was situated just outside of the town but it sure felt like we were in the middle of nowhere since the park had acres of land to it's name. It wasn't busy at all and it honestly felt like we were the only ones in the park which was still nice.  
Morven Park
    Morven Park not only had trails to walk through, but there was also a Mansion in the center that was open to the public. Unfortunately, it was closed on the day we went so we could only admire the Mansion's beauty from the outside. The view from the front of it though was absolutely stunning and so peaceful. Compared to bustling Old Town Alexandria, Leesburg was definitely an upgrade!

View from the Mansion

    We walked around the mansion and came across a few buildings that were part of the Mansion; a laundry house, stables (I think), and even a Turkey farm that we didn't get a chance to visit. As nice as it was to explore everything, there was practically no one around so at some point we really thought we were trespassing until we saw other visitors walking around too - a relief. 

The stables?

A very crazy looking thing called "Osage Orange"

    Since it was getting late, we decided to walk around the front of the Mansion to get a better view before leaving. I honestly didn't want to leave but it's not like we could stay either. After taking more photos, we walked back to the car and headed on home where on the way back, I got a massive headache - ouch. 

Beautiful tree

View of the front of the Mansion

    Remember when I told you that I felt like I was going to see a rainbow on our way to Leesburg? Well, sure enough on our way home, once we hit the highway, there was a rainbow! Later on, another rainbow showed up too! If any of you have ever manifested rainbows, maybe you can tell me what it means because I still don't know. 

Manifesting rainbows!

    I hope you enjoyed todays post and Happy Halloween! 

Until next time! - Sarah xoxo


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