*10/31/23 - Unfortunately, my Etsy account was hacked and Etsy permanently suspended me. I am in the process of trying to appeal but it's literally taking forever to hear back from their support team...

     It's no secret on this blog that I have been in the process of trying to heal my life; especially my mental state. It has been quite an up hill battle these past few years, but I find that keeping my mind and soul proactive really helps me overcome the turbulence. I personally don't think it's productive to plan every step of our lives to the point where being still feels like a crime, but, I do believe that keeping our energy moving can greatly improve the quality of our lives. 

    When I look back on parts of my life where I admired myself the most, I realized it was because of how organized I kept my time. I was introduced to the idea of having a planner after browsing in Tjmaxx and I wasn't exactly as happy as I wanted to be then. I had just gotten back into Art after battling depression and I also just started a new job that stressed me out tremendously. So, I thought having a planner would help me manage my time better and it really did!

    Since those times, I have always kept a planner on my desk. On my worst days, I see the planner as a competition with my own ego who'd shame myself for not doing enough in one day. On my best days though, I'm excited to tally off my check list and accomplish my goals. Having a planner has honestly helped me eliminate the negative talk within me. I can truly look back on time and see my own accomplishments and how far I've come mentally when I just don't feel like myself. It may just be paper to some, but for me it's a way to hold myself accountable and embrace the concept of having control of my life.

    So, that's what I did. I went back to using a planner but of course, the little artist in me wanted one that would fit my taste. When I couldn't find one in store that wowed me over, I knew I had to make my own. What was really just supposed to be for my own personal use, ended up with me spending a few days creating a full bundle of planner templates. When that mini project was done, I then spent a week expanding the design into 3 other colors; blue, purple, and green. Before I knew it, I had a small collection and that's when another idea struck me to create my 

    Aura colors have really inspired me these past few months so I knew I wanted to create a collection stemming from that. I also wanted the planner templates to spark excitement and sooth my feminine side which has really taken a beaten lately. It could just be my creative side speaking out, but colors really are therapeutic to me and influence my life a great deal! Even with 4 collections already finished, I still can't decided which one is my favorite because they're all so beautiful to me!

PURPLE Aura Planner Template 

GREEN Aura Planner Template

BLUE Aura Planner Template

   Since I have never made planner templates before, the process of making these templates was low-key a bit stressful. I had to learn about PNG and PDF and which one was best for printing out or for using on an iPad. At the end of the day, I decided to include both format types in a bundle just so that people could decided which format they wanted. I will also have to include more sizes too in the future as this bundle is only 8.5x11,but could still be resized with the right programs. 

    I personally love that I now have a digital planner of my own that I can literally take with me anywhere I go. The templates of course can be printed out as well and with the right printer and paper, the colors will look beautiful in person! Now that the designs are finished though, I hope to see this planner as it's own book one day soon; one that is already made and ready to go for anyone looking for more convenience.

    If you'd like a piece of happiness that comes with these colorful planners, head on over to my Gumroad Shop where you can download yours today! 

Until next time! - Sarah


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