Ever since I was a little girl, my sister and I would take turns writing stories and sharing them with each other. I remember diving into my imagination and getting lost there with each story that I brought to life, even if most of them were never started or finished. It was fun for me as a child and definitely helped me cope with some of the difficulties that I was going through at the time. I even dreamt of one day publishing my own book but, back then it felt like that dream was so far out of reach. 

    This leads me to what I have been secretly up to for the past 6 months and why lately I haven't been active on this blog; I have been working on writing my first novel. I have actually been working on this book since August of last year but I didn't take it seriously until the start of this year. That's normally how it works with me as I have honestly started over three books in the past four years just for me to completely put them down because I no longer connected to the story.

  However, after starting this new book, I have learned the importance of planting parts of my life into my stories; it not only helps me be more genuine, but the book then becomes a piece of me that I can't put down. Now, after several months of dedication and putting many hours into writing daily, I am so happy to say that I have completed half of my book.

    I'm very careful about sharing too many details about what the book will be about because it's my baby after all and I really want to protect it until the day it's published. I will say though that part of this book shares pieces of me that have truly impacted my own life that will also shed light on the twist and turns young adults go through to discover themselves. The story is inspired by my own path that I have taken that I hope other young adults will be inspired by when they feel lost or unsure of which direction to go in.
    The hardest part about writing this book though is in fact letting my guard down. As a novice to many things, allowing myself to share my own imagination with the world is a bit intimidating which is why I am thankful that I have been making videos on YouTube for the past six years; it has really helped me gain more confidence as an individual and face criticism in order for me to go after my deepest goals.

   There have been plenty of times where I have found myself completing a chapter and I will think to myself to just keep the book private. Many deep rooted fears that I have inside of me have been exposed simply by writing this book and it's taken a great deal of vulnerability to keep me committed to it. As strange as it sounds, each time I'm faced with writers block or some kind of ego trip, when I do overcome it, I am only determined to keep writing.

    So, this is ultimately where most of my time goes now; completing this novel has literally become my number one priority this year and I hope to publish the book sometime before the end of the year or the beginning of next year. If I become a bit distant, this is why; I am in the process of creating something awesome that I really can't wait to share with you all! 

Until next time, xoxo - Sarah 


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