As you all may know from my post about my traveling plans, I am preparing for a getaway to Florida next month and I want to make sure I have everything ready. I've been doing more shopping than usual as a result and since every month I try to recap on my favorites, July is full of goodies that you'll want to try!

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    Lately I have been super busy that sitting down to write a post has just been so hard to do; I'm so looking forward to getting away! With my side business picking up and taking more of my time than I thought it would, down moments are hard to come across but cherished even when they do make an appearance. 

    I'm grateful for it all nonetheless and spend everyday expressing gratitude for it. If you're ever in need of good meditation music, I highly recommend listening to this YouTube video for at least an hour every day. Every since I have been listening to it daily, so much for me has manifested in my life that I can only pass on the good vibes to someone else. 

    With that said, lets jump into July Favorites!

Toms Recycled Canvas Slip On

    Two years ago I bought my first pair of Toms and I loved everything about them except for the fact that they were too small. Since I have small feet (I'm small in general) I bought a size 5 and while they were snug on my feet, I assumed the fabric would loosen up as I walked in them more. Nope. I had to throw the pair out during my trip and it really sucked. Fast forwarding to the present, I decided to buy a bigger size this time in the same design and sure enough - they fit like a glove! 


Japanese White Chocolate Kit Kat

    Inside the Mall, there was a new store that had just opened up that I was excited to check out. They sell international snacks and I really wanted to try the Matcha Kit Kat but unfortunately they were all sold out. I decided to buy the next best thing which was the White Chocolate ones. Now, I am not a white chocolate fan - but these were amazing! Dimitar and I devoured them because they were so good. Also, I feel like the Japanese Kit Kats aren't as sweet as the American ones which probably explains why I liked them so much. 

Vega Protein & Greens Powder 

    Since doing Keto, I've noticed a few things changing within my body, not including weight loss. First, more of my hair falls out and second, my periods are always late. This may seem like a red flag to anyone just starting Keto but it's quite normal and fixable; sort of. 
    I've read that hair loss could be a result from not getting enough protein on a Keto diet so I went to my local BJ's and bought a big container of protein powder from Vega; It's Keto friendly and very tasty. I enjoy a shake first thing in the morning for breakfast or right after a work out. As for my late periods, I normally just take vitamins and eat dark chocolate and it normally triggers my period!

Soda Buckle Sandals

     I've always wanted a pair of espadrille sandals but never got around to looking into them. I feel like they're the perfect sandal to wear during the Summer time because they practically go with every outfit! Since I don't care too much for heels in general, these sandals give me the best of both worlds and I'm so happy I finally bought a pair. They fit perfectly too and come in a variety of colors so I may just go back and buy the black pair as well! 

    I have spent that past two years repairing my hair and it has been such a long process! Now I make sure I do everything I can to keep my hair healthy and protecting it from the sun is a big must! I came across Sun Bum's heat protector spray and since it protects hair  against UV rays, I decided to give it a try. I've used it twice so far and I'm absolutely blown away by how smooth it makes my hair. I can now style it and be in the sun without worrying too much that my hair is going to get fried!
    Another new store in the Mall opened up and to my surprise they actually sell Kawaii stuff! I was so happy to discover this store and it was really hard to stop myself from buying everything! I decided to buy a cute bumble bee key chain along with a multi-color strawberry pen. I love them both but I really can't get enough of my keychain. It's the cutest thing ever - just look at the bee! I tried to find a similar keychain on Amazon, but unfortunately it seems to be pretty exclusive. 

Spaghetti Strap Summer Dress

    Since I've lost a lot of weight, I've been meaning to update my wardrobe to celebrate. I've heard that Florida is going to be very hot and humid so I wanted a dress that was cute yet breathable. I searched for so long to find the perfect dress and I finally found one that I like and bought a black one and white one; one for the evening, and one to wear during the day. The dress has a very low cut - something I am not used to - but I still like the dresses and will wear them!

    Back in  early 2000's, I remember obsessing's over a show called Ghost Hunters. I waited every week for the show to air and it was literally the highlight of my week. I even bugged my dad to buy me the first season! Well, I ended up forgetting about the show until just recently and it's such a throw back. Whether the show is real or not - it doesn't matter - as I still enjoy watching it for history aspect of it. If you like paranormal stuff, this show will keep you entertained!

Kdrama Nevertheless

    I've been so busy lately that I haven't had the chance to find any new Kdrama's to watch. I had a slow evening one day though and discovered a recently aired drama and I ended up watching it the entire day! I loved all of the characters too as the show portrays the importance of self-love and trust. If you're looking for a romantic Kdrama show to indulge in, watch this one!

    Well this completes my July Favorites for this month - August will be a crazy month for sure but I should have some more goodies to share with you all by then! Stay tuned for my YouTube video also which you can watch below. 

Until Next Time! xoxo - Sarah


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