Years ago, I did Keto successfully for three months and during that time, I lost about 25 lbs and oh, did I feel GREAT. I was finally able to wear cute clothes for once with confidence and I had more energy to go out and have fun. Food no longer controlled my life which made me feel free! I was so convinced that I had tried it all when it came to dieting, but it was only Keto that made me feel like I had finally found the answer to losing weight.

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    Unfortunately though, my life took an unexpected turn and I stopped following the Keto diet. Naturally, I gained all of the weight back (and more) and I couldn't get myself to commit to a low-carb diet. I had reached a very low point in my life but when I overcame the struggles, Keto was the first thing I pushed myself back into. So when I was ready, I cleaned out my fridge and snack cabinet of anything that wasn't Keto-friendly and went grocery shopping. 


    Before diving into the essentials though, I want to clear the air about following a Keto diet. Many people think following a Keto diet is expensive, but it's actually not! Of course, it depends on where you're shopping but if you shop at common grocery stores like Aldi's or even international markets, you will surely get great deals on your produce and meats. However, if you're buying packaged Keto snacks that are often very expensive (and sometimes unnecessary), then yes, your wallet will take a blow.

    Just know that you don't need many Keto snacks when you're just starting out. Matter of fact, don't buy any snacks at first and just stick with wholesome meals or baking your own Keto desserts if possible. It'll save you so much more money in the end and give you more control over your diet!


    When you're shopping for your Keto essentials, keep it simple and stay disciplined. The first week entering Keto will always be the hardest for your cravings so try to keep your house free of anything tempting to eat; also, never shop when you're hungry! At the store, anything marketed as "Keto friendly," and you will want to always double check the ingredients, net carbs, and total carbs. Personally, I look at the total carbs only so I achieve faster weight loss. This maybe be a tough way to go for some, but depending on your weight loss goals, it may be necessary. 

    Also, many food companies have now caught on to the demand for Keto products and have started producing products that sound appealing but really aren't. Many are loaded with hidden sugars and even GMOs. That's why it's best to keep your diet as simple as possible so you has less to worry about when it comes to shopping.


      • Avoid shopping when you're hungry
      • The first week of Keto is always the hardest
      • Always check the ingredients label
      • Decide if you want to count Total carbs or Net Carbs
      • Keep your diet simple for less headaches


    I actually have a complete shopping list of my Keto essentials so if you want to see visuals of what I'm talking about, head on over to my Kit page. I do earn commission if you decide to purchase anything from there, but all of the products are products I personally use and find very helpful. 

1. Almond Flour
A baking essential that you will likely end up needing if you want to do any kind of keto baking! Ever craved pancakes or pizza? You'll need almond flour for those. 
Sometimes recipes will ask for coconut flour to add more texture or flavor to your dish. Also, combining almond flour and coconut flour together make a great cake!
Not all, but some recipes will ask you to use xanthum gum which is an agent that helps bind your ingredients together for a solid structure. Since we aren't using traditional flour that has gluten in it, we often have to use xanthum gum to fill in the gaps. 
This is often used in pizza dough and bread recipes, or any recipe that requires elasticity or extra protein. It's very useful to have!
Once you start baking Keto desserts, your world will change forever! I highly recommend baking your own desserts because you will save more money and have more control over what goes in your food. Monk fruit is on the pricey side, but the sugar I buy is a decent price!
If you're like me and you crave chocolate chip cookies a lot, you're going to need some sugar-free chocolate chips on hand. These can also get pricey but they're good to have around if you ever want to treat yourself to something sweet!
I'm only on my 2nd week of Keto and I made sure to buy myself electrolytes before starting! Keto Flu is no joke and it will kick your butt if you're not supplementing your diet with the right vitamins and minerals. Definitely buy this!
The one thing I cannot lie about is how repetitive my meals have become. After my first week of Keto, my appetite has gone down a lot, but sometimes I get bored from eating the same meals over and over. Introducing a mini waffle maker! Make a waffle out of anything and let yourself feel like a kid again!
There are some days where you're not going to feel like cooking, especially in the early stages of your Keto diet. This is why it's convenient to have a good Keto protein powder on hand that can be used to fill in for a meal. Also, sometimes it's just hard to get in calories on a Keto diet so protein powders can greatly help you out!
These are so great to have when you need to hold yourself accountable! I can't tell you how many times I look forward to using these strips just to confirm that I'm in a state of Ketosis. It really adds joy to anyone looking for validation.

As I mentioned before, your meals at some point will get repetitive. Having this Keto guide will inspire you to try new things and spice up your plate options! The last thing you want is a dull meal plan!
I used to cook my meals in advance at some point because having meals ready to heat up when you're hangry is a life saver! I stopped doing this though because our current fridge is much smaller but if you have the space and time, preparing your meals in advance will make your life a million times easier!


    Remember, your Keto shopping doesn't have to be expensive and while they're more products out on the market now compared to a few years ago, just keep it simple. When you've gotten the hang of your Keto diet and you no longer have to pander about what to eat, you can afford to splurge and take your diet up a notch.

    Also, if you have some Keto essentials that you find helpful to your diet, share them in the comment section below!


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