Amigo is at that age where he's teething and wants to chew on everything; literally everything! I figured that if he had plenty of toys to keep him busy, he wouldn't be so tempted to bite on things like the coffee table legs or our plush couch blanket. Unfortunately, Amigo's desire to chew doesn't really discriminate so I've been working on positive reinforcement with him and using redirecting methods. It's been working out well (for the most part) and I'm slowly learning what toys keeps him entertained and what toys just aren't suitable for puppies at all! 

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    So here is a list of toys that my Corgi puppy Amigo currently enjoys. Toys that didn't make the list will of course be listed at the end of the post. Also, please make sure to supervise your puppy when they're playing with any of their toys!

Catstages Track Chase

1. Catstages Track Chase

    I was genuinely surprised that Amigo enjoyed this toy! Of all the toys we bought him, he enjoyed the one that was not only for a cat, but was also free (someone gave it to us)! This toy kept him busy for such a long time before he eventually figured out how to get the ball out. The top of the toy did come apart often just because Amigo would chew on it to get the ball out, but he still enjoyed playing with it. We also have a tower track chaser but Amigo wasn't too interested in playing with it and preferred the single tier only. While the toy he has is a much older version, I did my best to find one similar by the same company here

Catstages Track Chaser

Retractable Feather & Wand Toy

2. Retractable Feather & Wand Toy

    Another cat toy! Amigo actually started playing with this toy after watching one of my regular cat boarders playing with it. Since then, this toy has kept him entertained for quite a long time! The worms are on the flimsy side and you do have to make sure to replace the "worms" if they're falling apart, but it's definitely a toy Amigo has fun playing with. I ended up upgrading his first wand with a sturdier one just because Amigo eventually ended up chewing the string off. You can buy the wand toy here.

TrustyPup Platypus

3. TrustyPup Platypus

    As Amigo gets older, he starts to enjoy bigger toys so Dimitar went ahead and bought him another platypus toy that was much bigger and made little squeaking noise. Trustypup designed this toy for dogs to hear only and while I can't prove that Amigo can hear it, he still goes crazy for it when squeezed. It's very sturdy too and has held up well compared to other plush toys that literally fall apart within half an hour. You can buy this plush here

4. Playology Sensory ball

    While this toy was rather big for Amigo at first, he still loved chewing on it and throwing it around. Despite how much he has chewed on it, the ball has held up very well! This ball is on the pricey side compared to some of his other toys, but it has been well worth it because it will last him awhile during his teething phase! You can also hide treats inside of it to stimulate your puppies senses. You can buy this toy online at Petsmart here.

5. Playology Ring Toy

    This wheel was a bit heavy for Amigo to play wheel but once we showed him how he could play with it, he has spent most of his time chewing on it and throwing it around once his jaw became stronger. It's also beef flavor too which has kept Amigo entertained! You can buy this toy here.

6. Playology Rope Toy

    As you can see, Playology toys really are durable which is why Amigo also loves their mini rope! Compared to another rope that he has (but was cheaper), this one is all chewed up yet still holding it's shape. Now that his jaw is much stronger too, we can even play tug-of-war with him! The material on this rope really is durable as it doesn't fall apart like most traditional ropes do. You can buy it here.

Toys That Absolutely Failed!

    This toy seemed durable at first but after a few days, Amigo had literally destroyed it! Such a shame too since it was so cute!

    This teething ring didn't last more than a few days before we took it away. It had such a cute design to it but it was unfortunately a waste of money!

    This toy is absolutely not meant for a dog! After half an hour with it, Amigo had chewed it's face off and plastic was everywhere so we had to throw it out. I found this toy on TikTok and thought it would be a funny buy, but it's just not meant for a dog; a teething one at that. 



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