Our truth defines us. It's the very thing that makes us complete and gives us purpose in a world of so much diversity. It's a gift that all of us have to offer and one that can never be taken away. Truth, when valued at it's deepest core, is the one gem in all of us that opens our eyes to what matters most when the world at large struggles; it's a gift personalized for only us.

    I've learned so much in these past few years about embracing my inner truth that it has left me both grateful and helpless at the same time. As much as we adore a person who is capable of being themselves, it is exhausting. As rewarding as living a life completely dedicated around our own values and principles is, it can also be lonely and disheartening when the world around us isn't as welcoming.

   As wholesome as our inner truth may be, it is a scary place to put ourselves in at first. I used to live my life in a bubble protected by my fears of expressing myself emotionally and it wasn't until I was fed up with the toxic patterns repeating in my life - that I let my truth be known; to my partner, friends and relatives, coworkers even. It shook me from within and left my mind racing, but I felt lighter knowing that I had made my mark on the world and more confident .

    You've heard it before, but the majority of us are not living a life that reflects our deepest desires. From a young age, I have witnessed people I love or knew sacrifice what they believed for a pinch of convenience; for the sake of peace or familiarity. I grew up recognizing the consequences of ignoring ones truth. It's a vicious cycle that only ends when you take control.

    After years of struggling to coexist with my own inner truth, I have now learned to accept it because in doing so - I would be accepting myself. I realized that the more I resisted being true to myself, the more toxic scenarios would appear in my life. That's when it became clear to me; it wasn't my situation that was toxic, it was my inability to utilize my truth that was. It was my fear of going against the grain.

   You know when people have an a-ha moment - the world appears brighter to them and it starts to make sense? Well, when I started to utilize my own truth - for small things like confronting my landlord for maintenance or being direct with a manager about what is and isn't working -  I too started to see the world through a brighter lens. Sure, it was still scary to put myself in those situations because I was vulnerable to rejection or someone else's judgement, but at least I was myself and that's all I needed for my life to increase in value. 

    Facing my truth helped me improve my life on so many levels. It helped me find better jobs, improved my relationships - even if it meant letting some go, I ate healthier, devoted myself to my passions, made peace with my own pains, and it allowed me to empower myself so that I could pursue my dreams. It's not easy discovering who we really are - but it's a side of us that will make way for a life dedicated to giving back to us.

    Instead of sacrificing our happiness for convenience; we endure the pain and fears of doing what feels right. Instead of letting our jobs and career get the best of us; we commit ourselves to our passions. Instead of always saying no, yes, or nothing at all; we try the opposite and do so with conviction. Instead of letting yourself endure toxic relationships; stand your ground and voice your standards. If you don't speak your truth or try, someone will lead you on with their own truth, regardless of if it resonates with you or not.

    At the end of the day, we have to look out for ourselves and our inner truth is a great place to start. By letting yourself shine with your greatness, you create a space in this world for you to live comfortably without restrictions. Once you accept yourself for all you have to offer, you free yourself from any fears and you become limitless.

    So take a chance and find your inner truth; you will love what you find.

Until next time! xoxo - Sarah


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